RWANDA – The Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority (RFDA) is taking decisive steps to enhance food safety monitoring across nearly 1,000 factories in the country’s food sector.

This includes increasing the number of inspectors and implementing structural reforms to address gaps in safety inspections.

Director General of RFDA, Emile Bienvenu, highlighted the significance of increasing the number of inspectors to improve service delivery. With previously only six workers responsible for inspecting 988 factories, the addition of more inspectors is expected to streamline safety checks and reduce waiting times for services.

The initiative comes in response to shortcomings identified in the Auditor General’s report for the financial year ending June 30, 2022. The report revealed a shortfall of 110 safety inspections planned by the Rwanda FDA. Even in 2023, the agency remained understaffed, with only two inspectors.

Bienvenu emphasized the importance of implementing a new organizational structure to address existing gaps, reports The New Times.

The new structure, gazetted in August 2023, aims to bolster positions within the agency. The recent appointments approved by the Cabinet signify the initial phase of filling these positions, with a focus on department heads and division managers.

The Director General outlined a phased approach to recruitment, with the recent appointments marking the second phase. The next steps involve appointing additional staff, including analysts, through a competitive process.

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