U.S – SafeGrain, a company that manufactures and supplies quality control and hazard monitoring equipment for the agricultural industry, has announced a strategic partnership with iGrain, a Denmark-based leader in digital grain monitoring. 

This partnership gives SafeGrain exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute iGrain’s digital products in North America, encompassing the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Concurrently, iGrain will handle the international distribution of SafeGrain’s hazard monitoring controls.

President and CEO of SafeGrain, Zach Carr expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “This strategic partnership will position SafeGrain as the leader in grain monitoring technology.” 

Carr emphasized the seamless integration of iGrain’s digital products into SafeGrain’s technologically advanced portfolio, a testament to SafeGrain’s 70-year history of innovation.

The expansion of SafeGrain’s portfolio is set to include a variety of advanced tools, such as fan automation, All-in-One sensor cables capable of monitoring temperature, moisture, and CO2 levels, as well as digital temperature sensor cables. 

An added highlight is the introduction of SafeGrain’s new dashboard manager and smart app, designed to provide on-demand data for precise inventory management and decision-making.

Carr, who has spearheaded numerous enhancements since acquiring SafeGrain in 2022, remarked, “The addition of these products rounds out SafeGrain’s portfolio to offer both analog and digital solutions for grain quality management, allowing customers to select the solution that best fits their facility’s needs.

This partnership broadens SafeGrain’s product range and fortifies its position as a comprehensive provider of hazard monitoring and quality control solutions in North America. 

It underscores the company’s commitment to ensuring safe and quality operations for farms and grain companies, a pledge that has been a cornerstone of SafeGrain’s operations for years.

iGrain, with over two decades of experience in advanced grain monitoring and control solutions, brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to the partnership, marking a significant step forward in the evolution of grain storage and quality management technologies

The synergy between SafeGrain’s legacy and iGrain’s digital prowess promises to enhance efficiency and safety for grain storage and management across North America.

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