NETHERLANDS – Scelta Inside and MBio, two experts in the development of mushroom ingredients, have agreed to work together to distribute vitamins made from the “white-buttoned wonderl” to the health market.

In particular, Scelta Inside will use the support of its extensive global customer base for marketing, distribution, and sales, while MBio will focus on continuing to develop components derived from the white button mushroom.

According to the business, the partnership has a “passion for mushrooms” at its core and forms “a powerful alliance.”

“This cooperation will help to bring vitamins which are 100% plant-based and minimally processed into the food industry as natural ingredients.

“We are looking forward to expanding this relationship into more interesting mushroom-based health ingredients,” Erik Bongers, Marketing and NPD Manager at Scelta Inside, told NutritionInsight.

The two businesses will create and sell vitamin B12 and vitamin D mushroom powders that can be used to fortify meals and beverages as well as supplements and nutraceuticals.

Even in regions with abundant sunlight, up to 88% of the world’s population does not have appropriate vitamin D levels, according to a recent study.

The market seems to be open for new sources and improvements because vitamin D cannot be produced by the body naturally without sunlight. In addition, it has been discovered that the mineral can help with everything from immunity to heart health.

The vegan-friendly products offered by the partnership precisely meet these needs.

According to Scelta Inside, the businesses use specific amounts of UV light to transform the naturally occurring ergosterols in vitamin D found in mushrooms, enabling the creation of low-dosage, clean-label products.

“The clean and minimally processed production process of vitamin D and B12 is a clear advantage. Other added vitamins are often found in the form of synthetic vitamins resulting from several chemical processes. Our Scelta Vita D2 & B12 Powders are a clean label, wholefood vegan source,” Bongers explained.

Additionally, persons who consume a plant-based diet have been found to be deficient in the vitamins D and B12.

The firm goes on to say that vitamin B12 is essential for the immune system, focus, vitality, and health of the brain and nervous system.

“There is no need to add artificial vitamins, just use mushrooms. Especially in the vegan market, the combination of vitamin D and B12 is an often-used combination due to the lack of these vitamins in plant-based food.

“Besides these mushroom-based vitamins, Scelta Inside will continue to expand its business further in natural umami sources,” Bongers remarked.

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