U.S – Steven Moore has been elevated to the position of Vice President of Food Safety, Quality, Regulatory, and Innovation (FSQRI) at Scoular, a company dedicated to the buying, selling, storage, handling, and processing of grain, feed, and food ingredients.

Prior to this, Mr. Moore served as the Director of FSQRI for Scoular’s indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary Petsource.

He will oversee this function in his new position for the full Scoular organization as well as the Petsource subsidiary.

At Petsource, he oversaw the global food safety project that led to a flawless score in the first two years of operation.

“Steven has successfully built a tremendous food safety and quality culture at Petsource. He is an outstanding leader and innovator with deep expertise in food safety. I’m excited that he is taking on this crucial company-wide role,” said Amy Patterson, President of Petsource, to whom Mr. Moore will continue to report.

Throughout his career, Mr. Moore worked for companies like Michael Foods, Instinct, Conagra Brands, and Monogram Foods in the human and pet food industries.

He graduated from Kansas State University with a Master’s in Food Science and from the University of Arizona with a Doctorate in Organizational Development and Leadership.

Scoular has a long history as a trusted and reliable ingredient supplier in the food and feed industries. The company claims that it is known for providing safe and innovative ingredient solutions for its customers and aims to exceed safety standards, not just meet them.

“Moore brings the experience and expertise to continue that high level of service across our company,” says Scoular.

The company recently acquired Walker Products’ grain handling facility in Lincoln, Kansas. The facility offers 1 million bushels of storage for wheat, milo, soybeans, and corn, with access to rail.

The Walker family has owned the central Kansas country elevator since 1954.

With its main office in Omaha, Nebraska, Scoular manages a network of more than 50 grain-handling facilities throughout the Midwest, including states like Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska.

The Lincoln facility will now be a part of the Solomon Valley group, a 50-mile radius around Salina, Minneapolis, Ada, and Downs, Kansas, operated by Scoular.

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