SWITZERLAND – SGS has partnered with Eezytrace a risk management solution for multi-site companies, to help digitize self-check procedures in the food service industry thus improve food safety management worldwide.

By automating several manual activities and significantly enhancing food safety and hygiene practices, the revolutionary Eezytrace technology and SGS’s industry knowledge constitute a significant advancement in global food safety.

According to SGS, this joint global innovative solution is set to disrupt the overall management of food safety risks and the traditional inspection-based system.

Despite advances in the understanding of foodborne illnesses and hygiene procedures, outbreaks resulting from irregular food handling behaviors continue to occur in food retail and service companies.

Therefore, businesses carry out routine site inspections to guarantee hygiene and food safety. However, since each inspection just provides a single snapshot of staff behaviors, it cannot provide an accurate picture of those behaviors on a day-to-day basis.

In response to these challenges, SGS developed SGS Eezytrace which offers an integrated approach to food safety monitoring by fusing digital technology with in-depth sector experience.

Our collaboration with Eezytrace sets a new benchmark for excellence and efficiency in the food service and retail industry. With this integrated solution, we can better support our clients in their food safety journey – from the detection of risks to the implementation of targeted improvement plans,” said Olivier Coppey, EVP Health & Nutrition at SGS.

SGS Eezytrace improves food safety and compliance management by offering strong data-driven insights that allow prioritized and targeted repair.

It provides a digital platform to automate all on-site control activities, thereby minimizing the complexity and time required for multiple tasks.

The solution streamlines everyday tasks for employees, freeing up time so they can concentrate on activities that are crucial for food safety while also enhancing the food safety culture.

It also uses a sophisticated data analytics engine to monitor the consistency of food safety practices and behaviors in daily operations. The score methodology enables the identification of sites that fall short of expectations, the prediction of unfavorable trends, and resource prioritization.

“The data science scoring will protect both consumers and brand owners from health crises. This innovative solution allows the automated analysis of thousands of daily data coming from operations and automatically detects behaviors that deviate from the quality standards set for the brand,” Julien Gomez, General Manager at Eezytrace, stated.

Food service brands and franchises will receive substantial support to promote food safety excellence and safeguard consumer health across all of their locations thanks to SGS’s depth of expertise.

The company offers specialized advice for resource optimization, targeted risk assessment, and remediation, in addition to training and coaching.

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