U.S – Share-ify, a cloud platform for corporate compliance, food safety, and quality assurance, has debuted its 10th version unveiling a new platform for food chain organizations that need product inspections.

Share-ify’s latest version was created to make it simpler for teams in charge of quality control, sales, and purchasing to assess the quality of the product they are buying from suppliers.

Whether they be finished goods inspections or material inspections, the Ver-ify system helps businesses with product inspections at receiving and shipping.

“We are excited to enhance the Share-ify platform with our new Ver-ify inspections tool to help companies more completely assess the performance of products in the supply chain. 

“In today’s landscape of food safety requirements, the Ver-ify system will be highly valuable in both the receiving and shipping realms,” says Angela Nardone, COO.

According to Share-ify, Ver-ify may be used to assess any product, including those in categories like fresh vegetables, meats, poultry, and seafood that have USDA grading criteria on top of a customer product specification.

The product inspections platform offers a mobile application integrated into the Share-ify platform. To increase communication and openness, subscribers can share the data with business partners.

Moreover, Share-ify creates scorecards to assess how well a product has performed over time by a location, a seller, a product, or an inspector.

The platform has capabilities specifically designed for frozen and fresh food inspections. Quality control inspectors can evaluate up to 200 distinct attributes after receiving the products, thanks to the integration of product requirements.

They may access reference material such as product specifications, USDA documents, inspection instructions, and visual aids to assist in product evaluation.

Other solutions offered by Share-ify include Share-ify PLM, Share-ify CRM, Product Recalls, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Environmental, Social Responsibility, Governance (ESG), and QFSM Production Controls & Plant Management.

Share-ify Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) helps companies more easily manage their branded or private label product with greater precision and a shorter time to market.

Its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps companies manage their relationships more easily.

“Whether ensuring your supplier’s paperwork is updated or sharing your product information with a customer, Share-ify CRM offers you a solution designed to help you manage a complex supply chain,” the company says on its website.

Share-ify’s Product Recall solution helps companies effectively remove products from the supply chain with the least amount of impact on their business and their customer’s businesses, while the SDS program enables companies to go digital in terms of document management.

With over 16,000 companies from every inhabitable continent, Share-ify offers the ability for companies to exchange everything from contact information to certificates of insurance, 3rd party audits, letters of guarantee, tax forms, specifications, product bids, complaints, hazardous material information, documents and more to streamline everyday commerce.

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