JAPAN – Shimadzu Corporation, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of scientific instrumentation, has adopted a new management leadership structure in order to achieve further growth and increase its corporate value in the global market.

Akira Nakamoto who is the current Representative Director, Chairman of the Board, has been appointed as Director, Senior Advisor. He is expected to resign as Director come June 2022 during the annual shareholders meeting.

He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from Osaka Prefecture University in March 1969.

Nakamoto was serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Representative Director in Shimadzu Corporation since June 2015. He joined the Company in April 1969. His previous titles include Executive Officer Managing Director, Director of Analysis and Equipment Business, Senior Managing Director, President, Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director in the Company.

The Representative Director, President and CEO, Teruhisa Ueda, will take over from Nakamoto as the new Representative Director, Chairman of the Board. Ueda is the driving force behind Shimadzu’s corporate philosophy, which is to contribute to society through science and technology. Under his leadership, Shimadzu Corporation is dedicated to making significant investments in research and development of new technologies.

Ueda was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. He holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial chemistry, a master’s degree in engineering and a doctorate in applied life science, all from Kyoto University (KU). During the early 1990s, Ueda studied at KU at the Center for Bioanalytical Research, studying under Distinguished Professors Ted Kuwana and Ralph Adams.

While there, he was engaged in the joint development of HPLC , an experience which he leveraged after his return to Japan. He led many joint research projects with companies, universities, and research institutes all around the world.

Those projects resulted in the creation of many new cutting-edge products and have elevated Shimadzu’s presence in global markets.

He was awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree by the University of Kansas in May 19th 2019, as recognition of his long-term contribution to science and technology.

He credits his time at KU for his understanding and appreciation of a global mindset, deepening his success in business management and broadening his professional expertise. His success illustrates the benefits of being committed to a diversified student experience.

He promotes taking on challenges without fearing failure as well as scientific excellence and responsibility to future generations.

Ueda has been the CEO and President of Shimadzu Corporation since June 2015. He served as Senior Managing Executive Officer, Managing Executive Officer and Manager of Analysis Measurement Operations Department at Shimadzu Corporation. He has been a Representative Director of Shimadzu Corporation since June 2015.

In the same way, Teruhisa will hand over his current position to Yasunori Yamamoto who is the current Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer.

Yamamoto graduated from Osaka University with a master of Engineering. He joined Shimadzu in 1983 and has since risen through the leadership ranks. He is currently a Director and Board Member in addition to being the Senior Managing Executive Officer, CFO, in charge of Strategy Planning and Corporate Communication.

All of the appointments will take effect as from April 1st 2022.

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