TOKYO – Shimadzu, a stalwart in analytical instrumentation, has launched the ICPMS-2040 Series and ICPMS-2050 Series inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometers (ICP-MS) designed for qualitative and quantitative analysis of inorganic elements.

Inorganic elements, ranging from hazardous substances like lead and cadmium to essential nutrients such as potassium and calcium, play a pivotal role in diverse sectors, from pharmaceuticals to food production.

Accurate measurement of these elements is critical for quality control and research and development endeavors.

The ICP-MS technology, relying on high-temperature plasma generated from argon gas, provides a high-sensitivity method for detecting even minuscule amounts of elements in samples, enabling both qualitative and quantitative analyses.

ICPMS-2040 vs. ICPMS-2050: Leap in sensitivity

The ICPMS-2040, the standard model, and its sophisticated counterpart, the ICPMS-2050, boast an unprecedented level of sensitivity.

The secret lies in their uniquely designed plasma torch, a mechanism that generates plasma. This innovation endows both models with approximately twice the sensitivity of conventional instruments.

The ICPMS-2050 takes a step further by introducing a novel mechanism for removing unnecessary ions, ensuring superior sensitivity measurements for specific elements.

Additionally, these instruments have significantly reduced argon gas consumption, aligning with Shimadzu’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Efficiency redefined

Shimadzu’s new ICP-MS series not only advances the boundaries of sensitivity but also enhances workflow efficiency.

These instruments incorporate a wide array of user-friendly functions, including shortened rinse times and standardized field-specific measurement conditions. By optimizing the analytical process, researchers and scientists can delve deeper into their studies, confident in the accuracy and reliability of their results.

Beyond technological innovation, Shimadzu Corporation’s ICP-MS series represents a significant stride towards the advancement of life sciences and environmental protection.

By providing precise analytical data, Shimadzu empowers scientists to protect public health and maintain a sustainable global environment.

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