TOKYO – Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has launched the ICPMS-2040/2050 series, a breakthrough in inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometers designed for high-precision elemental analysis.

Ideal for diverse industries including environmental, pharmaceutical, clinical, food, chemical, and materials, these mass spectrometers boast innovative features, making them stand out in the analytical instrumentation landscape.

Advanced mini-torch system

The ICPMS-2040/2050 series features an advanced mini-torch system, a proprietary Shimadzu innovation, optimizing sample ionization efficiency while minimizing argon gas consumption.

With an innovative torch design, the system consumes two-thirds less argon gas than typical plasma torches, enabling continuous operation for up to 10 hours with a 7-cubic-meter gas cylinder.

This innovation ensures robust plasma generation with a high-frequency power supply, utilizing cost-effective, low-purity argon gas.

Collision/reaction cell and high-performance quadrupole mass filter

Redesigned collision and reaction cells allow for high-sensitivity analysis of inorganic elements. In collision mode, inert helium gas helps remove polyatomic interferences, while in reaction mode, introduced gases facilitate ion reactions to reduce interferences. The series incorporates a patent-pending high-performance quadrupole mass filter with enhanced resolution, maintaining signal stability during prolonged sample analysis by applying pulse voltage between mass analysis.

Efficient gas controller and intelligent software

A redesigned gas controller reduces gas introduction and purge times, facilitating rapid changes in analytical conditions. The LabSolutions ICPMS software, accompanying the ICPMS-2040/2050 series, offers a maintenance window to track component operation times, alerting users for timely maintenance or replacements. Preset analytical methods come configured with optimized settings for various applications, enhancing ease of use.

This innovative series positions Shimadzu at the forefront of elemental analysis, catering to evolving industry demands for accuracy, efficiency, and autonomy in analytical processes.

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