UAE – SIG, a leading packaging solutions provider, has received the Breakthrough Food Technology Award at Gulfood Manufacturing 2022 for its “Heat&Go” packaging, a tribute to the company’s commitment to Research & Development and unwavering determination to open up new opportunities for customers and retailers. 

SIG’s key offerings provide convenient packaging solutions that protect the flavour, aroma, colour, nutrients, and vitamins of food and beverage products for an extended period without refrigeration and preservatives. This means that healthy nutrition can be made available to everyone. 

The hot drinks segment, in particular, has previously been an untapped market for carton packaging. However, there has been an increase in demand for quick-heating hot beverages, such as breakfast beverages, that can be had immediately or while on the go.

SIG created the Heat&Go aseptic packing material for that purpose. You can microwave-heat aseptic carton packs made of this packaging material.

Heat&Go uses a high-barrier alternative to the aluminum layer present inside typical aseptic carton structures, enabling beverages to be microwaved without losing their quality.

SIG has now received the Breakthrough Food Technology Award at the ongoing Gulfood Manufacturing 2022 in recognition of this solution.

Abdelghany Eladib, President and General Manager Middle East and Africa at SIG noted that the company has been working relentlessly with its partners and customers to bring to market innovative food and beverage packaging solutions that raise the bar on convenience, sustainability, quality, safety, and affordability.

“… and which are produced at smarter factories that can track and measure our products’ journey to achieving these goals. Our Research and Development has been opening new opportunities for the industry to present safer and more convenient aseptic packaging solutions specifically designed with the modern consumer in mind.

“Achieving this recognition from industry peers delights us tremendously,” he continued.

SIGNATURE EVO from SIG was named the winner of the “Best Sustainable Product” category of the independent Gulf Sustainability Awards 2022 earlier this month.

With SIGNATURE EVO, SIG’s lower-carbon packaging materials without an aluminum layer—which are already available for plain white milk—are expanded for use with a wider range of oxygen-sensitive products, including fruit juices, nectars, flavor-enhanced milk, or plant-based beverages.

The carbon footprint of SIGNATURE EVO is even much lower than that of SIG’s typical packaging material structure.

At Gulfood Manufacturing 2022, SIG will showcase its award-winning innovations in addition to other cutting-edge technology and ground-breaking products, such as its combismile and combistyle packaging options.

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