U.S – SIMBA Solutions, a leading provider of real-time plant floor data collection systems for the fresh food industry, has unveiled a new subscription model for its SIMBA system.

This innovative solution is designed to streamline production, traceability, inventory management, and shipping processes using touch computers and barcoding technology, ultimately enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and boosting revenues.

With the introduction of the new subscription model, SIMBA aims to lower the financial barrier for small to mid-sized companies seeking to leverage automated tracking of finished goods inventory from packing to shipping.

This low initial investment opens up opportunities for businesses to access advanced tracking capabilities previously limited to larger enterprises.

Barcode data entry has been a cornerstone of the fresh food industry for over three decades, and SIMBA’s solution builds upon this foundation to deliver tangible benefits.

By integrating barcode labeling, intuitive plant-floor data gathering devices, and office software, SIMBA offers owners and plant managers comprehensive product traceability and inventory tracking capabilities.

Moreover, the platform can be customized by a team of developers to align with producers’ existing practices and seamlessly integrate with their ERP systems, ensuring adaptability to evolving business needs.

One of the standout features of SIMBA is its ability to label and record products at the packing stage, significantly reducing data entry requirements. Furthermore, the system provides perpetual traceability, enabling stakeholders to track products throughout their lifecycle with ease.

Alison Falco, CEO of SIMBA Solutions, expressed enthusiasm about the new subscription model, stating, “The fresh food industry has been asking us for an affordable solution. Our new subscription model provides just that — a full system for a minimal initial investment.”

In offering a cost-effective subscription model, SIMBA Solutions aims to empower fresh food producers of all sizes to harness the benefits of advanced data collection and traceability technology, ultimately driving operational efficiency and competitiveness in the market.

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