NETHERLANDS – Solynta, the pioneering Dutch company renowned for its expertise in hybrid true potato seed development, has unveiled a strategic rebranding to ‘Solynta – True Potato Seed.’

This adjustment aligns with the company’s market-oriented approach, marking a significant milestone in its journey toward transforming potato farming worldwide.

Distinguished as the innovator of hybrid potato breeding technology, Solynta revolutionizes potato cultivation by enabling farmers to grow potatoes from true seeds, showcasing notable advantages over traditional seed tuber practices.

Not only does this innovation streamline shipping, storage, and growing processes, but it also facilitates the production of hybrid potato varieties with enhanced disease resistances.

According to the company, True potato seeds offer a revolutionary alternative to traditional seed tubers, presenting numerous advantages to the potato industry.

Clean, disease-free, and economically viable, true potato seeds boast an extended shelf life, ease of transportation, and availability year-round, driving efficiency and sustainability in potato farming operations.

With a robust portfolio of worldwide patents, Solynta stands at the forefront of hybrid potato breeding, driving agricultural advancements across the globe.

Over the past 14 months, Solynta has undergone strategic leadership transitions, welcoming CEO Peter Poortinga, formerly of the EUR 3 billion (USD 3.27 billion) multinational Plukon Food Group, and Chief Commercial Officer Joost van Regteren, previously holding pivotal roles at Bayer Vegetable Seeds.

Under their guidance, Solynta has significantly expanded its field trials and partnerships across 40 countries, including Kenya, Central Europe, and South Africa, aiming to democratize hybrid potato farming for farmers and consumers alike.

Joost van Regteren, CCO of Solynta, emphasizes the company’s customer-centric approach, stating, “Our unwavering commitment to hybrid potato breeding remains steadfast. However, our evolution into a market-driven seed company necessitates a rebranding to reflect our broader mission.”

He highlights Solynta’s intensified downstream activities, driven by close collaboration with farmers, distributors, and corporate partners, all contributing to the successful field testing of new varieties tailored to market demands.

Despite the rebranding, Solynta’s core mission remains resolute: to enhance potato growers’ resilience and contribute to global food security.

By delivering robust hybrid potato varieties via true potato seeds, the company champions a more sustainable potato value chain, capable of withstanding diseases, pests, and the adverse impacts of climate change.

Reflecting on the company’s trajectory, van Regteren concludes, “With our commitment to unlocking the true potential of potatoes, we envision a future where potato farming is not only more economical but also environmentally sustainable.”

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