NIGERIA – The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) has together with representatives from the fats, oils, oil seeds, and tree nut industries set out to review the standards for mayonnaise at its Laboratory Complex in Ogba, Lagos.

Mayonnaise is a key commodity in the food value chain and is widely consumed throughout the nation. It is a thick, cold, and creamy sauce commonly added to foods before consumption to improve flavor and palatability.

According to SON, the growing consciousness for high-quality, safe, and healthy lifestyles has necessitated the review to accommodate a healthier option such as low-fat mayonnaise.

In his opening remarks, the Director General Mallam Farouk Salim, who was represented by the Head of the Food Group, Mr. Y.B. Mohammed, stated that the meeting had been called in order to review significant standards that are essential for fostering the expansion of the Nigerian economy as well as to create a credible document that will serve as a guide for producers, distributors, and consumers alike in order to ensure safety and fair-trade practices.

Salim also reminded them of the principles that govern the development, revision, and acceptance of standards, one of which is the active participation of stakeholders in reaching a consensus.

He wished them successful deliberation and urged them to do their utmost to guarantee that the gathering’s goal is accomplished.

Director of the Standards Development Directorate, Engr. Yahaya Bukar, who also spoke at the event, noted that due to the need for healthier options, there is a great need to review the mayonnaise standard to a more quality and credible document that will serve as a guide to manufacturers.

He, therefore, urged all present to be steadfast and contribute their expertise to ensure that a quality standard is produced.

Speaking to the stakeholders, the Chairman of the Technical Committee, Dr. Omodele Aluko, stated that everyone in attendance must actively participate in order to produce a document that is very robust and would serve as a benchmark while taking Nigerians’ safety and health into account.

“I urge all members to ensure that they pay adequate attention and contribute their wealth of experience so that manufacturers will have a credible document that will serve as a guide in the best interest of our dear country,” he said.

Recently, the growing popularity of salads and fast-food products has resulted in increased consumption of mayonnaise in West Africa.

The market is projected to exceed a value of US$ 50 Million by 2024, expanding at a CAGR of 8.5% during 2019-2024, as per data from Research and Markets.

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