U.S – Steve Schult, Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Blue Diamond Growers, has been awarded the prestigious 2024 Rock Stars of Supply Chain Award in the Lifetime Achievement category by Food Logistics.

Food Logistics is the only publication exclusively dedicated to covering the movement of product and information through the cold food and beverage supply chain.

This accolade celebrates Schult’s enduring contributions to the advancement of supply chains across the globe, marking a significant milestone in his illustrious career.

Steve Schult’s journey in supply chain management is nothing short of remarkable. With a career spanning over two decades, Schult commenced his professional voyage with an eight-year tenure in the United States Coast Guard, which laid the foundation for his future endeavors in the supply chain sector.

Transitioning into the food industry, Schult has been instrumental in enhancing the efficiency and resilience of supply chains for both niche and major food companies.

At Blue Diamond Growers, Schult has been pivotal in orchestrating a supply chain network that ensures the seamless movement of almonds from over 3,000 grower farms to consumers and businesses worldwide.

Under his stewardship, Blue Diamond’s supply chain operations have set new benchmarks for the industry, achieving fill-rates and on-time deliveries that surpass industry norms. This transformation has not only positioned Blue Diamond as a “shipper of choice” but also culminated in substantial savings for the cooperative, amounting to U.S$1 million.

A well-deserved recognition

Steve Schult’s influence extends far beyond the confines of Blue Diamond Growers. His roles on the Federal Maritime Commission and the California Freight Advisory Committee underscore his commitment to tackling the intricate challenges of global supply chains.

Representing both the cooperative and the broader almond industry, Schult’s efforts have been crucial in supporting California farmers and enhancing food and beverage supply chains across the globe.

As California stands as the world’s leading almond producer, accounting for 80% of the global supply and nearly 70% of which is exported, Schult’s contributions have been vital in ensuring the efficient and sustainable distribution of this valuable commodity.

“Steve is an exemplary leader and advocate for resilient supply chains, manufacturing, and California almonds,” remarked Brian Barczak, Chief Global Supply Officer at Blue Diamond.

“He is incredibly deserving of this award, and we are proud he is a part of the Blue Diamond team.”

The Food Logistics’ Lifetime Achievement category is reserved for those who have not only amassed over a decade of experience in the supply chain sector of the food and beverage industry but have also significantly contributed to enhancing food safety, boosting efficiency, and mitigating disruptions within the supply chain.

Steve Schult’s recognition in this category is a testament to his outstanding leadership, visionary approach, and unwavering dedication to excellence in the global supply chain arena.

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