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Africa's Biggest Food Safety & Quality Management Conference & Expo Makes its Debut in Ethiopia in 2022

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The Concept

About The Summit

The Africa Food Safety & Quality Summit is Africa’s premier and largest international food safety, quality management and compliance conference and exhibition.

The Summit brings together regional and global experts and stakeholders to share the latest trends in science and technology; regulations, standards and compliance; operations and sustainable adoption of food safety practices and technologies in the entire agriculture and food value chain in Africa.

The 2022 Summit, which will comprise of THREE DAYS will be hosted as part of Eastern Africa’s largest food industry event AFMASS Food Expo in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – shining the light into one of the fastest rising economies in Eastern Africa.

Held in physical and virtual format, this Summit aims at providing the platform to boost quality, food safety and conformity in Ethiopia and the region’s fast rising food and agriculture sector that will enhance trade in local, regional and global markets.

The Summit will utilise the latest digital technologies to ensure that attendees have access to high quality presentations, virtual Expo Hall, as well as face-to-face meetings. learnings and business linkages for those who will visit the Summit in person.

It will bring together investors, managers and professionals in the private, public, academia and NGO/development organisations from across Africa and the World. 

Held annually since 2021, the Africa Food Safety & Quality Summit is shaping up to be the best platform to learn new ways to tackle the unique food safety, quality, compliance and regulatory challenges in Africa from leading experts, consultants, researchers and thought leaders. 

Participants at the Summit also get the platform to discover the latest technologies that the food and agro value chain players in Africa should adopt to improve compliance to food safety and quality protocols, reduce risks and improve business performance from some of the leading providers of equipment, laboratory solutions, packaging, consultancy and related services.

With a wide scope that transcends agricultural production, food and animal feed processing, the hospitality, retail and food service industry, to institutional and other critical food and agro supply chains, the Africa Food Safety & Quality Summit is the most critical event for any stakeholder across Africa and beyond to attend.

Critical Issues

Food Safety, Quality & Compliance are Africa's Key Concerns

Food safety challenges weigh heavily on Africa, negatively impacting consumer health, business performance and regional and international trade. 

From incidents related to Aflatoxins contamination, food poisoning, heavy metals contamination, to emerging issues including new bacteria, toxins and antibiotic resistance, the Continent is disproportionately affected by food safety challenges – impacting its people’s health and wellness and reducing the opportunities for local, regional and international trade.

And as the World and Africa face new threats – including the Covid-19 pandemic – there is an urgent need to find new ways and technologies to protect Africa’s consumer due to changes in consumer habits, a rapidly globalising food supply chain, changes in testing protocols for diagnosing food borne illnesses and challenges with regulating and policing food systems in the region.

The Africa Food Safety & Quality Summit is the platform to transform the food safety, quality, regulatory and laboratory management environment in Africa through annual high-level conferences and exhibitions.

The Summit covers the following key issues:


Regulatory & Policy Environment


Compliance & Systems Management


Quality Management


Latest Technologies

The Transformers

Past Speakers

Expo Hall with the Latest Technologies

The Africa Food Safety & Quality Summit & Expo opens the door for you – wherever you are in Africa or beyond – to meet, network and trade with the leading suppliers of technologies and innovations to the food and agro industry in Africa. 

The virtual & Physical Expo Halls ensure that delegates have the opportunity to meet and interact virtually and In_Person with leading suppliers of technology such as equipment, Testing & laboratory solutions, Engineering & other solutions from the comfort of their homes or offices – wherever they are across the World

Industry Sectors

The Africa Food Safety & Quality Summit covers the food, agriculture, livestock and animal feed value chain from farm to fork, providing you with a broad view of the opportunities, challenges and trends in the entire supply value chain in Africa and beyond . . . 

Interested in Speaking?

The Africa Food Safety & Quality Summit is the ultimate platform to lead the future of regulating and managing food safety in Africa

Sign up today for the opportunity to be one of the Speakers or Panelists at the Summit.

Contact us on info@fwafrica.net

Reasons to Attend the Summit


Be inspired by an unprecedented lineup of food safety experts and opinion shapers from across Africa and the World. Hear them share their unique insights, knowledge and skills - and lessons learned along the way - and how they have managed to influence the adoption of the latest practices in their organisations, industries, countries or regions in Africa and beyond . . . .


Meet and network with some of the most influential key decision makers from the private and public sectors, NGOs and more across various disciplines and countries from Africa and beyond for two days of career-changing exchanges and innovative ideas. Leave the Summit energised to change the food safety perspective in the Continent for the better . . . .


Get answers to the most-pressing food safety, quality management and business challenges at this regional high-impact conference and exhibition. Meet some of the most important suppliers of appropriate technologies to Africa's food supply chain, receive practical solutions and innovative ideas that will reduce risks to your business . . . .

Sign Up to Attend

Sign up today to attend the next edition of Africa Food Safety & Quality Summit virtually, to ensure you get into tune with the latest food safety, quality and laboratory management technologies and practices; and understand the most pressing regulatory, compliance and standards bottle-necks and practices. Meet food safety experts, network with Government regulators and policy makers, NGO and foreign embassy managers and industry movers and shakers from across Africa and the World. Apply today . . .

Profile of Attendees

Stakeholders with the following responsibilities in the private and public sector, Government, academia and research institutions and NGOs/development agencies/embassies and consulates will find the Africa Food Safety & Quality Summit a must-attend event:

  • Managing Directors, CEOs, Chairmen, Directors, General Managers
  • Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Ambassadors, Diplomats, Trade Attaches, Agricultural Attaches etc.
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control Directors, Managers & Analysts
  • Food Retailing, Distribution and Vending Managers; Food Catering & Restaurant Managers & Supervisors
  • Factory, Production, Operations & Process Directors, Managers & Supervisors; Packhouse Managers 
  • Sanitation, Hygiene & Environment Directors & Managers
  • Food Safety Directors, Managers, Inspectors, Audit Managers, Assessors & Analysts
  • Public Health Management Directors, Managers & Officers; Standards Officers 
  • Mill Managers, Dairy Managers & Technologists, Bakery Managers & Food Technologists
  • Health & Safety Directors, Managers & Supervisors; Compliance, Risk Management & Risk Communications Directors, Managers & Officers
  • Regulatory & Scientific Affairs Directors, Managers & Analysts
  • Engineering Directors, Managers & Supervisors
  • Chef, Food & Beverage Managers & Camp Managers
  • Laboratory Managers & Technologists; Chemists & Microbiologists
  • Quality Systems Management and Implementation Managers
  • Animal Nutritionists; Animal Feed Factory Managers
  • Research & New Product Development Managers & Supervisors
  • Supply Chain, Procurement & Logistics Directors & Managers; Warehousing, Stores, Distribution & Transport Managers & Supervisors
  • Export & Import Managers & Trade Officers; Buyers, Commodity Traders, Graders and Analysts
  • Hospital Directors & Managers
  • Farm Managers; Agronomists & Extension Officers
  • Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Crop Directors, Managers & Officers 
  • Business Development, Marketing & Sales Directors & Managers

Profile of Sectors

The Africa Food Safety & Quality Summit covers the food and agriculture value chain, with stakeholders from the following sectors expected to gain from the discussions and Expo Hall at the event:

  • Food and agriculture value chain players including commercial farmers, traders and distributors
  • Food manufacturers in the dairy, milling, confectionery, brewing, soft drinks, and other industries
  • Animal feed manufacturers and distributors
  • Food products distributors and retailers
  • Government ministries responsible for health, agriculture, trade, commerce and regional integration
  • Government ministries and departments; regulatory agencies responsible for standards, regulation, enforcement, certification and trade
  • Food Safety Software Design, Sales and Management providers
  • NGOs and development agencies involved in the food supply chain
  • Foreign embassies and consulates
  • Food Safety Litigation Companies
  • Food Supply Chain Management providers
  • Pest Control Management & Fumigation providers
  • Suppliers of milling and processing equipment, packaging, ingredients and chemicals, laboratory technology, supply chain, automation & engineering solutions, certification and training to the food and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Food Fraud, Adulteration, Prevention & Traceability Management providers
  • Exporters, distributors and importers of food products
  • Hospitals and other institutions including universities, schools, prisons and other institutions
  • Hotel, restaurants and cafeteria (HORECA) and catering companies
  • Academic and research institutes from Africa and the World
  • And many more

What's On Show at the Expo?

The Africa Food Safety & Quality Summit provides the best platform for local, regional and international suppliers to showcase their products and services to the food and agriculture sectors; Government agencies and NGOs in the food and agro value chain in Africa. 

From the latest equipment, reagents, supply chain to solutions that reduce costs, increase efficiency and reduce risks to the consumer, the event facilitates the industry stakeholders to find the A-Z of food safety and quality management in one location. 

The following products and services will be on show at the Summit:

Milling & Processing Equipment

From general milling and processing equipment, to sorters, foreign matter identification and separation systems, separators; metal detection, X-ray and vision systems

Packaging & Filling Solutions

From packaging for dry food products to filling solutions for liquid products; plus associated technologies that ensure safe and efficient food packaging and dispensing

Microbial Testing Solutions

From culture media, rapid microbial detection systems, environmental monitoring tools, microbial identification and strain typing systems

Supply Chain & Post-harvest Solutions

From cold chain solutions, storage and handling systems;  logistics, tracking, and warehousing services for agricultural and finished food products

Certification, Consultancy & Training Services

From providers of public and private sector training and research institutes; certification and accreditation bodies to individuals offering consultancy services.

Laboratory Equipment & Testing Services

From general laboratory equipment, formulation and product quality testing systems, nutritional testing, toxins testing, immunology testing, sample preparation tools, imaging tools etc

Software & ICT Solutions

From desktop based, mobile and cloud based software solutions that enable the management of information, testing protocols etc; to Internet of Things, blockchain, sensor technology, Artificial intelligence etc; instrumentation and control software and hardware

Calibration, Measurement & Monitoring Solutions

From mobile weighing solutions, weigh bridges, calibration services to software and measurement tools used in process monitoring, end product testing etc.

PPEs, Safety Equipment, Cleaning & Sanitation Solutions

From chemicals, products and services used in the cleaning, sanitation and disinfection of facilities, equipment, storage and transport infrastructure; personnel protective equipment and safety equipment supplies

Pest Control & Fumigation Services

From pest control and fumigation services to supplies of chemicals used in the same in homes, facilities and factories

Environment & Waste Management Solutions

From supplies of chemicals and products used in the management of facilities, yards and equipment; to environment and waste service providers to the private and public sector

Engineering & Infrastructure Solutions

From construction, engineering, and other infrastructure related services offered to the food and agro value chain; vessels, tanks and storage solutions

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