U.S – Superbrewed Food, a nutrition and health company, has announced that its proprietary postbiotic cultured protein has achieved self-affirmed generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status, making it the first in the line of  microbiome-derived protein.

In accordance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements, an independent panel of experts reviewed Superbrewed Food’s safety dossier on its postbiotic cultured protein ingredient.

The panel came to a consensus that the data demonstrates safety for consumption in a broad range of food applications, and that the ingredient poses limited risk as a food allergen.

Superbrewed Food’s postbiotic cultured protein is an anaerobically fermented whole food protein made from microflora found in nature that convert plant starches into a nutrient rich protein ingredient.

The ingredient is more than 80% protein by weight, among the highest protein concentration in a single microbe ever reported.

It is high quality protein as it contains all nine essential amino acids and more branched-chain and essential amino acids than plant-based proteins.

It is a “whole food” because it is minimally processed to retain its natural nutrition beyond protein. For example, a 30-gram serving meets the FDA requirements for being a “good source” of five B-vitamins, including a full day’s supply of B-12, and a “good source” of six essential minerals, such as iron, phosphorus and magnesium.

“This is a major milestone in our mission to bring many highly nutritious, versatile microbiome-based ingredients to market.

“Our protein ingredient performs well in products ranging from alternative dairy to baked goods, due to its neutral taste, natural white color, excellent pH and temperature stability, and good emulsification properties. Also, our production process is low-cost and highly scalable, which renders it as an affordable ingredient for companies to incorporate in a wide range of products,” said Bryan Tracy, the CEO and co-founder of Superbrewed Food.

Superbrewed Food’s postbiotic cultured protein is sustainably produced, animal- and allergen-free, non-GMO and is remarkably versatile in terms of applications in foods.

“Our Superbrewed Protein isn’t just a promise for a more sustainable future, it’s a game-changer we’re brewing up today,” the company says on its website.

Originally, Superbrewed formerly known as White Dog Labs, was hoping to unveil a range of alternative dairy products, all powered by its protein, by the end of 2021.

Infrastructure-wise, the startup is well equipped, with a Minnesota plant capable of producing 40 million gallons of animal-free milk. Now, with GRAS status in place, there should be little to cause further delays. No products have been released, to date.

Brands look to nature

However, as Superbrewed looks to nature for its inspiration, other companies are also aiming to mark their ground in this sector.

New Zealand startup Leaft, recently secured US$ 15 million in a Series A round, to build out its research and development capabilities.

The company is looking at ways to access “RuBisCo”, a protein essential for photosynthesis and present in all leaves. Pilot results show that extracted protein is comparable, nutritionally, to animal alternatives.

“Our Superbrewed Protein isn’t just a promise for a more sustainable future, it’s a game-changer we’re brewing up today.”

One of the most audacious protein developments is the creation of nutritious ingredients from thin air. Finnish food tech Solar Foods is in the process of building a commercial production line for its proprietary ‘air-sourced’ Solein protein.

The startup claims it is the world’s most sustainable protein and its new facility will be built with environmental considerations at the forefront.

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