INDIA – As the monsoon brings new life to paddy cultivation in India, Syngenta India, a prominent ag-tech company, has introduced two cutting-edge plant protection solutions – Incipio and Simodis designed to safeguard paddy and vegetable crops across the country.

These products utilize the innovative PLINAZOLIN technology, providing an effective defense against various pests. 

With climate change and pest resistance posing significant challenges to agriculture, Incipio and Simodis offer a promising way to enhance yields and crop quality.

Incipio, a high-end insecticide, tackles new species of stem borers and leaf folders that pose threats to paddy crops. 

On the other hand, Simodis presents a reliable solution for vegetables, effectively combatting sucking and Lepidoptera insects, including butterflies and moths. Its efficacy extends to vegetables like hot pepper, brinjal, groundnut, soybean, and red gram.

Pests can cause significant yield losses, ranging from 30 to 40 percent if not controlled timely and effectively. 

Existing solutions’ short-duration control and high infestation rates lead to increased applications and overall costs. 

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns that global warming could result in a rise in insect populations, leading to a potential loss of grains by 10-25 percent. Syngenta’s Incipio and Simodis aim to offer more extended duration control against resistant pests, providing a much-needed alternative solution for farmers.

Recognizing the need for comprehensive and effective solutions, Syngenta India introduces Incipio and Simodis, tailored to address the unique challenges faced by paddy and vegetable growers in the country. Dr. KC Ravi, Chief Sustainability Officer of Syngenta India, highlights the importance of these solutions in boosting vegetable production and transforming India into a major exporter of various vegetables.

Incipio and Simodis deliver a broad spectrum and long-lasting control against multiple pests, reducing the number of applications required. This efficiency not only improves yields and crop quality but also saves on labor costs, securing livelihoods for Indian farmers. 

The launch of these innovative products reinforces Syngenta’s commitment to providing reliable and effective plant protection solutions, empowering farmers to enhance their productivity and sustainability.

As India stands as the second-largest producer of eggplant, the introduction of these solutions holds significant potential for small vegetable farmers, who rely on eggplant production for income. 

The technology’s tank mix profile allows for easy blending with other fungicides if needed, providing growers with a powerful and reliable solution to protect crop yields and quality. 

With Incipio and Simodis, Syngenta India aims to revolutionize plant protection practices and contribute to India’s agricultural growth and prosperity.

Tropical Agrosystem (India) strengthens farming practices 

Tropical Agrosystem (India), a leading agricultural solutions provider, has also unveiled an extensive range of crop protection solutions for the 2023 Kharif cropping season. 

The company has significantly expanded its product portfolio, introducing 14 new offerings, including insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and biological products. These new solutions aim to provide farmers with an end-to-end package of farming practices, covering everything from seed treatment to post-harvest care.

Chairman VK Jhaver expressed the company’s commitment to empowering farmers by bringing vitality to its product solutions portfolio. 

Through the introduction of high-end technological formulations, farmers can effectively address crop-related issues, including pests, diseases, and soil deficiencies. 

Tropical Agrosystem’s Innovation Labs and product teams have been working diligently to develop further innovative formulations, ensuring a stronger future for farming.

President Mohan Kumar highlighted that these initiatives align with the company’s new purpose statement, aiming to positively impact the new-age farmer. By offering effective crop protection and nurturing solutions, the company seeks to boost farmers’ productivity and profitability. 

Tropical Agrosystem is also actively collaborating with reputed Indian and global firms to introduce world-class agritech solutions that cater to the needs of the future.

The company claims to place a strong emphasis on product excellence and ensures that all its solutions comply with international standards. 

The new range of products, according to the company, has undergone rigorous assessment by agronomic experts to guarantee improved efficiency and superior performance when applied to crops and plants. These products are designed to be user-friendly, economically viable, and resource-efficient.

The company has integrated a culture of product stewardship into its business practices to minimize any negative impact on the environment. 

This commitment extends throughout the entire product lifecycle, starting from research and development, production, marketing, customer usage, and eventual disposal. 

Each team member is made responsible for ensuring environmental sustainability, underscoring Tropical Agrosystem’s dedication to eco-friendly practices.

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