TANZANIA – The Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has intensified its efforts to conduct regular inspections, especially in the food sector to safeguard consumers’ health and promote the availability of quality products.

During a recent public meeting in Kaliua District, TBS, through its Acting Executive Director of Kaliua District, Mr. Gibson Milambo, reiterated its commitment to public health by educating citizens on the significance of checking product validity before making purchases.

“You are doing a good job….I would like to ask you (TBS) to continue conducting regular inspections especially in foods and cosmetics premises and be able to catch low quality products,” said Mr Milambo.

Through an extensive public education campaign spanning districts including Igunga, Sikonge, Uyui, and Tabora, TBS reached out to 5,615 citizens, including 215 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

TBS’s Public Relations and Marketing Manager, Ms. Gladness Kaseka, stressed the importance of this awareness initiative, enabling citizens to make informed decisions and select products wisely in the marketplace.

TBS has not only focused on consumers but also actively supported manufacturers and entrepreneurs.

At the Manyara trade exhibition organized by the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture (TCCIA), TBS Quality Assurance Officer, Pius Mwakalinga, emphasized the need for manufacturers to adhere to the country’s standards.

By producing goods that meet these standards, entrepreneurs can enhance consumers’ confidence and gain access to both domestic and regional markets.

“Manufacturers in the region and country at large can reap immense benefits by producing goods that meet the required standards including building consumers’ confidence and fetching high market price,” Mr. Mwakalinga said.

TBS provided valuable education to entrepreneurs at the trade fair, outlining the necessary steps to acquire the quality mark of standards, a vital prerequisite for market accessibility.

Free certification services encourage compliance

Crucially, TBS emphasized its commitment to supporting economic growth and ensuring product safety. The Bureau provides certification services free of charge, simplifying the process for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are required to obtain an introductory letter from the Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO), after which TBS initiates the certification process.

In offering these services without additional costs, TBS encourages entrepreneurs to prioritize the safety and quality of their goods, enabling them to compete effectively in both local and global markets.

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