TANZANIA – The Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has committed to keep raising awareness of the need of buying high-quality products so that it becomes ingrained in Tanzanian culture.

The TBS Marketing Officer, Ms. Deborah Haule, delivered the remarks at the Maisara grounds in Zanzibar at the ninth business festival with the goal of reaching local residents, including manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, and importers.

“TBS has used the event to educate the public on its activities including goods certification, registering business premises, foods and cosmetics products, products testing, and thorough inspection of the imported products.

“TBS has the mandate to check the standards of the local and imported products…so local manufacturers, traders, and importers are obliged to check the products before reaching the markets,” she said.

Since they are the ultimate consumers and decision-makers, Ms. Haule advised citizens to inspect and confirm the products before purchasing them.

“Since the citizens are the final consumers and also the primary victims to low-quality products…so if they build the tendency of checking the condition of the products first, our local markets will be full of quality products,” she added.

Ms. Haule said that the responsibility of ensuring the quality of products in our country is not only for the TBS but all citizens including the manufacturers, importers, suppliers, and consumers.

She also sensitized that if TBS and the stakeholders cooperate, we shall boost our country’s economy since our products will be penetrating the global market.

To ensure that products that do not meet the requisite standard are taken off the market, the government, through TBS, will make sure that the essential guidelines relating to the quality and safety of the products are provided in a timely manner.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs can reap immense benefits by producing goods that meet the required standards including building consumers’ confidence and fetching high market prices, says TBS.

The government has been striving to create a robust, sustainable economy, and it is against this backdrop that TBS continues to inform producers and consumers about the need of upholding quality standards.

The government wants to make sure that imported products meet the country’s quality standards in order to preserve the health of domestic producers and consumers and to create a strong, stable, and competitive economy.

Similarly, manufacturers and all service providers have been advised to produce goods of a high standard while remaining competitive, understanding that doing so will help them gain market share.

TBS has also been offering various awareness and training to diverse groups to prepare the participants to be more focused and educated in considering the requirements of pertinent standards as well as the services they deliver to the community.

SON sensitizes on quality goods

The Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) has also sensitized manufacturers, consumers, and other stakeholders on the importance of adhering to high standards in locally and internationally manufactured goods.

According to the agency, the initiative was in line with its mandate to make sure that all commodities, whether they were produced locally or imported, complied with the necessary industrial standards.

Chief Emeka Duru, Senior Special Assistant to the Director-General of SON, noted during a speech at a gathering in Asaba, Delta state, that SON organized the sensitization forum with the goal of strategically portraying the vision in order to facilitate commerce and boost the economy.

Duru who spoke on the topic, ‘Facilitating trade, enhancing the economy’, added that the forum was an avenue for SON and the stakeholders to brainstorm on areas they can be of assistance to enable them to carry out their businesses positively by following the laid down standardization procedures.

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