TANZANIA – Following a study that revealed a lack of knowledge regarding standardization, the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has committed to raising awareness about quality production among food processors and manufacturers to prevent health issues in society.

Dr. Yusuf Ngenya, Director General of TBS, revealed that TBS has pledged to continue providing awareness through training sessions, particularly for manufacturers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The Authority plans to disseminate knowledge through seminars and exhibitions, aiming to educate the masses about the required product standards set by TBS.

Dr. Ngenya emphasized the importance of product measurement as a means to ensure quality assurance.

Through product verification and the involvement of the Metrology sector, the public can trust that the products they use meet the necessary standards. Producers, processors, and distributors are encouraged to verify their products to maintain consumer confidence.

“Products measurement is very important since it gives assurance of the product manufactured…so producers, processors, distributors are supposed to verify their products,” Dr. Ngenya said.

Mr. Emmanuel Kaganda, the District Commissioner of Arumeru, expressed the need for comprehensive training provided by TBS to empower manufacturers and food processors to enhance the quality of their production.

In particular, he stressed the importance of educating village communities that store food for extended periods to ensure food safety.

The celebration of World Standards Day in Arusha this year centers around the theme “Measurement Supporting Global Food System” (MSGFS). This highlights the contribution of standardized food products to the global food value system.

TBS issues grants for standards verification services

TBS has also urged entrepreneurs and goods producers in the Tanga region to embrace the government’s grant program, offering free standards verification services.

This initiative aims to empower businesses to compete effectively and expand their market scope within East Africa and across the continent.

TBS Northern Zone Manager, Engineer Joseph Mwaipaja, emphasized the significance of product classification in devising marketing strategies aligned with customer preferences.

Acting Permanent Secretary for Investment, Industries, and Trade, Conrad Millinga encouraged business stakeholders to make effective use of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA) agreement.

This agreement eliminates tariffs on intra-Africa trade, facilitating easier trade within the continent.

Entrepreneurs are advised to leverage the grant provided by TBS to improve the quality of their products, recognizing that quality plays a crucial role in gaining a competitive edge and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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