TANZANIA – The Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has recently taken a step to rid the market of expired products, sending a clear message that subpar quality won’t be tolerated.

During a rigorous inspection of retail shops in Msomera village, Handeni District, located in the Tanga Region, the TBS uncovered a startling number of expired products, including beverages, prompting immediate confiscation.

TBS, as the nation’s foremost guardian of quality standards, has vowed to maintain the highest standards of product safety.

Ms. Mariam Maarufu, the Food Officer for the Northern Zone at TBS, expressed unwavering determination to remove not only expired items but also any low-quality products that might pose a risk to consumers.

“We have managed to catch and destroy numerous products which were not valid for basic use,” said Ms. Maarufu.

She urged traders in the area to exercise due diligence by verifying product validity before making any purchases, thereby avoiding potential losses during inspections.

The vigilant actions of the TBS have earned commendation from local leaders and traders alike. Mr. Martine Paraketi, Chairman of Msomera village, lauded TBS for its inspection drive and the subsequent awareness training, emphasizing that these efforts came at precisely the right time and place.

“As a village leader, I commend the TBS for their efforts which prove to us that our well-being is in safe hands,” said Mr. Paraketi.

Mr. Simon Kipondo, a local trader, expressed his appreciation for TBS’s actions and encouraged the authority to organize more training classes.

He believes that increasing traders’ understanding of product standards will enable them to make informed choices, avoiding the purchase of low-quality goods, reports Daily News.

Established as part of the government’s broader strategy to strengthen the institutional infrastructure supporting the industry and commerce sectors, TBS holds a pivotal role.

TBS’s mandate encompasses quality control measures for products of all kinds and the promotion of standardization in industry and commerce.

In January this year, the Bureau seized and destroyed about 20 tonnes of substandard goods worth TZs 400,000,000 (US$171 thousand) in the Eastern Zone.

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