TANZANIA – The Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has received a vital recommendation to establish regional laboratories to bolster the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Tanzania.

These laboratories are expected to facilitate quality testing, empowering SMEs to deliver products that meet international standards.

SMEs in Tanzania have faced a persistent challenge in breaking into markets due to concerns about the quality of their products.

The absence of readily accessible testing facilities has hindered their ability to verify the quality of their offerings. The proposed regional laboratories are seen as a transformative solution to this issue.

During a recent visit to the TBS premises, Ms. Mariam Ditopile, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Industry, Trade, Agriculture, and Livestock, commended the bureau for its commendable efforts in supporting SMEs.

She emphasized the need for TBS to implement regional laboratories, which would provide SMEs with convenient access to quality testing services.

“The activities conducted by the Bureau to support small and medium-sized entrepreneurs have been remarkable…I urge the management to implement laboratories to ease access to them,” Ms. Ditopile stated.

The Tanzanian government, through the Ministry of Industry, has consistently shown optimism about empowering entrepreneurs and improving the quality of products in the country.

This commitment includes the construction of modern laboratories that adhere to global standards, aligning with the government’s overarching goals.

Mr. Exaud Kigahe, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry, assured the committee that the Ministry would seriously consider the recommendation to ensure continuous support for entrepreneurs in their pursuit of excellence.

Dr. Athuman Ngenya, Director General of TBS, underscored the Bureau’s responsibility to promote quality productivity, whether for locally produced or imported goods.

He reiterated TBS’s commitment to facilitating SMEs in verifying the quality of their products. He highlighted that enabling SMEs to access these testing facilities is a fundamental part of TBS’s mission.

The establishment of regional laboratories by TBS promises to be a game-changer for SMEs in Tanzania, as it will empower them to produce high-quality goods that can compete effectively in both domestic and international markets.

This initiative aligns with the government’s broader vision of fostering entrepreneurship and elevating the quality of Tanzanian products to global standards.

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