TANZANIA – The Tanzania Bureau of Standards has during a training for milk processors, suppliers and farmers from Kilosa and Mvomero in Morogoro Region, urged the stakeholders to raise the quality of their products to meet the required standards within and outside the country.

They were also encouraged to raise the output of milk products to meet the demand for the domestic market as well as the regional markets.

“The training to key stakeholders in the milk industry is of paramount importance in imparting skills on how to process high quality milk products that can easily penetrate domestic and regional markets,” said Sabina Suena while speaking on behalf of the Kilosa District Commissioner, Majid Mwanga, Kilosa Division Officer.

Similarly, she also said the training has come at the right time because it will help farmers and processors acquire the right knowledge in milk processing thus avoiding incurring losses.

She said with the training, TBS is imparting knowledge to milk processors and farmers to meet the required quality and safety standards that are to be observed during processing.

The training is supporting the government’s efforts in building a robust industrial sector that can contribute to job creation and economic growth. These efforts are needed to make sure that all milk products produced in the country meet the required standards before being entered into the markets.

“Farmers and processors should understand that the increased milk production go hand in hand with safety and quality standards to protect the final consumers,” she said.

On her part, the Kimamba Division Officer who represented Mvomero District Commissioner, Mary Kayowa, said the government is committed to bolstering the industrial sector, raising quality and standards of goods that can easily compete in the domestic and regional markets.

“The district authority believes and is committed to raising industrial productivity with the ultimate goal to contribute to job creation and economic growth,” she noted.

She said all stakeholders in the milk industry should take it seriously to raise and maintain the quality and standard of milk products as a way to participate actively in building the country’s economy.

Further, she said, for the country, reaching the Middle-Income status is a catalyst for working hard to make sure that the economy grows and its trickledown effect is felt in the whole society.

Kayowa urged TBS to make the training a sustainable programme and reach more entrepreneurs in the district council to raise the quality and standards of goods.

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