TANZANIA – As Tanzania commemorates the 60th anniversary of the Tanganyika-Zanzibar Union, the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has highlighted significant progress in compliance with national quality standards in goods and services production.

During a weekend trade exhibition in Dar es Salaam, marking the Union’s anniversary, TBS Marketing Officer Mussa Luhombero spoke on the advancements made over the six decades since the Union’s formation.

He emphasized that local producers have increasingly adhered to quality standards essential for consumer health safety and vital for accessing both local and global markets.

“Most producers of goods and services are complying with the country’s quality standards, which are fundamental for consumers’ health safety and key in penetrating local and global markets,” Luhombero stated.

He underscored that TBS has consistently educated various groups of entrepreneurs, including small, medium, and large-scale manufacturers, on the necessity of meeting national quality standards.

The 60th Tanzania Union trade fair served as a platform for TBS to educate diverse groups, including producers, small and medium entrepreneurs, and importers, about quality standards and the importance of compliance.

“Quality standards are an important prerequisite for manufacturers and entrepreneurs in accessing and expanding market outreach domestically and internationally,” Luhombero noted.

He elaborated that after fulfilling all required TBS procedures, entrepreneurs obtain a quality mark of standards, enhancing the competitiveness of their products in both domestic and global markets.

Importers also benefit significantly from TBS education, ensuring that only products meeting national standards are brought into the country.

Public awareness

Luhombero urged the public to support national efforts by purchasing and using goods that comply with TBS quality standards. This practice not only protects consumer health but also aids in eliminating low-quality products from the market.

“We encourage the public to buy and use goods that meet TBS quality standards as a way to protect their health and support the country’s efforts to eliminate low-quality products,” he concluded.

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