TANZANIA – The Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) and the Zanzibar Bureau of Standards (ZBS) have successfully curbed the movement of low-quality products between Tanzania Mainland and the isles in a bid to fortify trade collaboration and uphold product standards.

This collaborative effort, highlighted by Dr. Athuman Ngenya, Director General of TBS, has significantly enhanced the quality of products traded and demonstrates a commitment to consumer well-being.

The collaboration, a major achievement celebrated at the Zanzibar International Trade Fair (ZITF) during the 60th anniversary of the Zanzibar Revolution, has played a pivotal role in removing substandard products from the market.

Dr. Ngenya emphasized the importance of this cooperation due to the substantial trade volume between Zanzibar and Tanzania Mainland, covering a variety of regulated products.

Issa Njoka, a nutrition expert and leader of the association of small industries in Tanzania (WAJATA), commended TBS for its role in protecting consumers and strengthening industries to ensure product quality.

He stressed the importance of every Tanzanian checking for the TBS quality mark when purchasing products, fostering a sense of patriotism towards safeguarding health.

In related news, TBS is actively engaging its clients in an educational campaign on the significance of obtaining a quality mark issued by the institution.

This initiative, carried out during the Women’s Economic Empowerment Forum exhibition, aims to empower entrepreneurs, particularly women, by providing them with the knowledge to secure a quality score for their products.

Christopher Magafu, a TBS Quality Control Officer, noted that the government facilitates entrepreneurs in verifying the quality of their products for free. This effort aligns with supporting small and medium entrepreneurs to achieve their aspirations by obtaining a quality mark.

In a separate effort to maintain quality standards, TBS destroyed 837,075.07 tonnes of substandard goods worth Tsh 21.8 million (U.S$ 8673).

Seized from various warehouses, hotels, and shops in the districts of Dodoma and Singida, the counterfeit goods were destroyed at Chidaya in Dodoma.

This operation aimed to eliminate expired and potentially harmful products from the market, underscoring TBS’s commitment to consumer safety and market integrity.

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