GERMANY – In order to create a sustainable business unit, the Tentamus Group, an international network of intensely specialized laboratories has expanded its current services with Tentamus Green Line – Sustainable Services & Solutions.

With product safety and transparency as the priorities for Tentamus Green Line, the Tentamus Group or its sites are able to inform customers about the elements that have the worst negative effects on the environment.

“We have built up a dedicated team with versatile competencies here, which has made it its mission to accompany our customers on their way to a more sustainable company. This is exactly the path we now need to take,” said Dr. Jochen P. Zoller, CEO and founder of the Tentamus Group.

As part of the green deal launched in 2020, the farm-to-fork strategy aims to make food systems fair, more resilient, and environmentally friendly.

The European Green Deal (EGD) is a collection of long-term policy initiatives that outline the European Union’s (EU) climate strategy to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and seek to position Europe as a global leader in climate policy.

The EGD offers a roadmap for a socio-ecological transition to a low-carbon future and the cornerstones for a green economic growth strategy in order to achieve this goal.

According to the company, sustainability and quality assurance can no longer be separated from each other, but only the two considered together can lead society to a safe future for people and the environment.

“At Tentamus, our mission is to lead society towards a safer future for people and the environment. We are convinced that sustainability and quality assurance can no longer be separated and that only both considered together will make our mission successful,” said Dr. Yvonne Pfeifer, Managing Director, Tentamus Innovation Hub.

She goes on to say, “Together with you, we ensure that the produc­tion of goods becomes more sustainable in the sense of natural resources conservation, human rights compliances or safeguarding the environment. One Health – One Planet.”

Tentamus offers a wide range of lab services to ensure the quality and safety of products that ‘affect humans from the inside’ resulting in a clear focus on the most attractive segments of the TIC industry: food and pharma.

The combination of strong organic growth and a very focused mergers and acquisitions (M&A) strategy has enabled Tentamus to grow rapidly over the last 5 years.

Founded in 2012, the company has since developed into one of the leading global laboratory testing companies, operating more than 70 labs in 20 countries.

“Regardless of how large our group has grown we pride ourselves on providing tailored services to every one of our clients and we are honored by their fast-growing trust,” says Tentamus on their website.

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