U.S – Thermo Fisher Scientific, a global leader in scientific innovation, and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), a prominent CGIAR research center, have joined forces in a historic collaboration announced at the 31st Plant and Animal Genome Conference (PAG).

This partnership, marked by the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU), signals a concerted effort to elevate sustainable livestock production systems in developing countries to new heights.

At the core of this collaboration lies a shared vision to enhance food security and alleviate poverty through innovative approaches to livestock research and development.

ILRI, as a not-for-profit organization, is dedicated to improving food security and reducing poverty through transformative livestock research.

By harnessing their collective resources, expertise, and technological prowess, Thermo Fisher Scientific and ILRI aim to address the pressing challenges facing the livestock industry in regions with emerging economies.

Karen Nelson, Chief Scientific Officer at Thermo Fisher Scientific, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, affirming its potential to make a substantial impact on global food security.

“We are thrilled to embark on this collaborative journey with ILRI, and we’re confident that our combined research and development efforts will significantly contribute to food security in developing countries,” she remarked.

Appolinaire Djikeng, Director General of ILRI, hailed the MoU as a strategic milestone in leveraging industry capabilities to drive sustainable livestock development. He emphasized the partnership’s focus on supporting vulnerable livestock producers in the global South and expressed excitement about the innovative solutions that would emerge from this collaboration.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, with its annual revenue exceeding U.S$40 billion, is committed to enabling customers to create a healthier, cleaner, and safer world through its innovative technologies and services.

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