U.S – TraceGains, a leading technology company specializing in compliance and networked product development software, has recently announced the acquisition of NutriCalc and its renowned nutritional calculation software.

This move marks a step forward in the realm of compliance, product development, and nutritional accuracy within the food and beverage industry.

Gary Nowacki, CEO of TraceGains, accentuated the profound impact of this acquisition on industry advancement, highlighting NutriCalc’s exceptional nutrition calculation capabilities.

Nowacki expressed excitement about merging NutriCalc’s top-tier nutritional calculation, reporting, and labeling solutions with TraceGains’ established leadership in compliance and product development.

This integration is poised to drive innovation and address emerging challenges in new product development, reformulation, and global safety standards, as well as rapidly evolving consumer preferences.

Dr. David Bartley, founder of NutriCalc, reflected on the company’s remarkable 30-year journey in developing the world’s most precise nutrition calculator.

He expressed pride in NutriCalc’s status as the industry standard in nutrition labeling worldwide, underscoring the immediate benefits for customers through streamlined processes and access to TraceGains’ robust ingredient marketplace.

“Our acquisition by TraceGains fuels the development of future innovations to the product and provides an immediate benefit to customers today by linking them to a robust ingredient marketplace and streamlining their processes. The combination of these products is powerful,” said Dr. David Bartley.

With customers spanning across the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America, NutriCalc brings a wealth of nutritional information to TraceGains. In turn, NutriCalc gains access to TraceGains’ extensive network of suppliers and a vast database of searchable ingredients and items.

Greg Heartman, Vice President of Product Management at TraceGains, emphasized the significance of integrating NutriCalc into the TraceGains networked ecosystem. He highlighted the focus on simplifying processes, leveraging AI solutions, and enabling digital transformation for manufacturers and suppliers in the food and beverage sector.

Nowacki highlighted the market’s enthusiastic response to the acquisition, with new clients already onboarded even prior to the official announcement. He emphasized the value proposition offered by TraceGains and NutriCalc, providing superior, integrated solutions at competitive prices and solidifying their position as market leaders in the industry.

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