GHANA – In order to provide end-to-end traceability in the agriculture supply chain, TraceX Technologies, a blockchain-powered traceability technology that improves food and supply chain transparency, has forayed into Africa through a partnership with Ghana-based Univision.

TraceX and Univision’s collaboration will enable the unification of the whole agricultural sector into a single platform.

All participants in the agri supply chain, from smallholder farmers in Ghana to financial institutions that lend money to farmers, will be able to communicate and do business through a single platform.

Clients in Ghana and overseas can take advantage of Univision Consultancy’s services for export aggregators, business support, and ag-tech consulting.

They provide Ghanaian agribusinesses with the appropriate Ag-tech platforms as part of their consulting services to help them cut costs, enhance their operational processes, and increase their production per acre of their farms.

Similar to this, they group multiple smallholder farmers (cooperatives) to develop agricultural products as part of their agribusiness mapping services.

“One of the main reasons we chose to work with TraceX is that they enable us to bring all the key stakeholders of the ecosystem together under one digital platform.”

Isaac Ampiaw, co-Founder and Managing Director, Univision


Univision also connects them with financial institutions and input firms that can offer them inputs like high-quality seeds, fertilizers, and agrochemicals, as well as loans and assistance with marketing their produce.

Commenting on the partnership, Isaac Ampiaw, co-Founder and Managing Director, Univision, said, 

“One of the main reasons we chose to work with TraceX is that they enable us to bring all the key stakeholders of the ecosystem together under one digital platform. 

Additionally, they offer an offline and online model of communication that allows smallholder farmers to easily communicate with other members of the supply chain. We look forward to working closely with TraceX to offer end-to-end traceability in the agri supply chain.”

TraceX’s platform offers a crop database with a set of a predefined package of practices to achieve quality yield.

It brings multiple stakeholders onto a single platform to enable the exchange and verification of auditable data.

In addition, the platform provides credibility to claims and offers complete provenance of the product through a quick scan of the QR code.

As farmers are required to file authentication certificates to meet regulatory compliances, it also makes sure they adhere to the regulations.

Every regulatory obligation is met with the help of the data collected at every stage of the supply chain.

“Africa is a key geography for us because of the strong growth opportunities that exist for agribusinesses. Supply chain digitization has a lot of potential, particularly in West Africa, and we are happy to partner with Univision to tap into this opportunity. 

“End-to-end digitization enables traceability, which in turn increases opportunities for smallholder farmers and improves their access to capital,” said Srivatsa Sreenivasarao, co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, TraceX. 

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