U.S – TurtleTree, a pioneering precision fermentation dairy company, has achieved a significant milestone by obtaining an official vegan certification for its animal-free sustainable lactoferrin, LF+, from Vegan Action, a leading vegan certification provider in the US.

This accolade marks TurtleTree as the world’s first precision fermentation dairy company to receive vegan certification and the inaugural recipient of the Certified Vegan logo in the 24-year history of its administration.

Fengru Lin, CEO and Co-Founder of TurtleTree, expressed the company’s commitment to ethical practices, stating, “With this certification, we are putting words into action and allowing that action to be validated by a third party.”

Lin emphasized TurtleTree’s dedication to building a sustainable food system that prioritizes the well-being of animals while meeting the evolving values of conscious consumers.

While precision fermentation products typically do not involve animal products or byproducts, complexities arise from the bioidentical nature of these products and the origins of genetic codes required for production.

TurtleTree highlighted the challenges in interpreting vegan standards originally designed for plant-based products, underlining the need for rigorous food safety testing to ensure compliance.

The decision to pursue official vegan certification sets TurtleTree apart in an industry where many companies have hesitated due to the complexities involved.

Krissi Vandenberg, Director of Vegan Action, commended TurtleTree’s dedication to ethical practices and transparency, noting that the certification sets a benchmark for the entire industry and inspires other precision fermentation companies to follow suit.

The global vegan food market is on a trajectory of substantial growth, projected to reach U.S$36 billion by 2031, driven by a substantial increase in the number of vegans worldwide.

TurtleTree’s vegan certification aligns with the preferences of discerning consumers who prioritize ethical values and transparency in food production.

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