USA – US meat giant Tyson Foods has announced strategic adjustments to its antibiotic policies in response to evolving market dynamics. 

The US meat giant has informed stakeholders that it will reduce its offerings of antibiotic-free beef, mirroring a similar shift made last year concerning its chicken products.

Sources familiar with the matter revealed that Tyson Foods notified a customer late in 2023 about its inability to sustain the supply of beef without antibiotics. 

This decision marks a departure from its previous collaboration with Certified Angus Beef in Ohio to promote antibiotic-free beef. 

At the time of writing, neither Tyson Foods nor Certified Angus Beef had provided official confirmation on these changes.

Last year, Tyson Foods garnered attention for reintroducing antibiotics into its chicken supply chain and removing the “no antibiotics ever” label from its flagship chicken products. 

The company clarified that the antibiotics reintroduced were deemed non-critical to human medicine, aligning with standards recognised by the US Department of Agriculture.

According to documents obtained by Bloomberg, Tyson Foods communicated late last year its intention to scale back its offerings of antibiotic-free beef under the Open Prairie Natural Meats brand. 

Despite these adjustments, the company emphasized its commitment to animal welfare and stated that decisions are grounded in scientific principles and industry best practices.

In a statement, Tyson Foods reiterated its dedication to maintaining the health and welfare of animals throughout its supply chain. 

The company emphasized that it continues to offer antibiotic-free beef based on market demand, underscoring its ongoing commitment to antibiotic stewardship.

Tyson Foods further clarified that its branded products are transitioning to meet the “No Antibiotics Important to Human Medicine” (NAIHM) standard, a benchmark recognized by the USDA for decades. 

This shift is expected to be completed by the end of the calendar year, reflecting Tyson’s proactive approach to evolving regulatory and consumer expectations.

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