U.S – Tyson Foods, one of the largest meat producers in the United States, has announced its decision to remove the ‘No Antibiotics Ever’ label from its poultry products by the end of this year.

The move comes as part of the company’s effort to align with industry practices and labeling standards, while maintaining its commitment to responsible antibiotic use in animal agriculture.

“At Tyson Foods, we base our decisions on sound science and an evolving understanding of the best practices impacting our customers, consumers and the animals in our care,” a Tyson Foods spokesperson said in a statement.

Tyson Foods’ decision to phase out the ‘No Antibiotics Ever’ label reflects a broader shift in the meat industry towards more standardized labeling practices.

The company plans to replace the label with the standard “Raised Without Antibiotics” claim, which aligns with the terminology used by many other poultry producers.

By adopting a more consistent labeling approach, Tyson Foods aims to provide consumers with clear and accurate information about the use of antibiotics in its poultry products.

The transition will enable customers to make informed choices while ensuring transparency in the marketplace.

While the ‘No Antibiotics Ever’ label will be phased out, Tyson Foods maintains its commitment to responsible antibiotic use in animal agriculture.

The company emphasizes that antibiotics will continue to be used to treat, prevent, and control disease under the guidance of veterinarians when necessary for animal welfare.

The shift to use some antibiotics marks a departure from the company’s stance in 2015, when Tyson said it would work to eliminate antibiotics from its production of wings, breasts and nuggets.

At the time, the company said it was concerned about the rise in antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections in humans and wanted to play a role in reducing human antibiotic consumption.

Tyson Foods’ decision aligns with the industry’s efforts to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics by using them judiciously and responsibly. The responsible use of antibiotics is crucial in mitigating the risk of antibiotic resistance, a global public health concern.

Promoting awareness

The company acknowledges the changing expectations of consumers regarding food production practices and labeling. It remains committed to educating consumers about its responsible antibiotic use policies and practices.

Through initiatives such as its website, educational materials, and consumer outreach programs, Tyson Foods aims to provide transparent information about its commitment to animal welfare, sustainability, and responsible antibiotic use.

The company believes that informed consumers can make choices that align with their values and priorities.

Evolving industry standards and practices

Tyson Foods’ decision to transition away from the ‘No Antibiotics Ever’ label reflects the evolving landscape of the meat industry.

Increasingly, major producers are adopting standardized labeling practices to ensure consistency and clarity for consumers.

The move also aligns with industry efforts to reduce the overall use of antibiotics in animal agriculture and adopt more targeted and responsible approaches.

Many companies are implementing antibiotic stewardship programs and investing in alternatives to minimize the need for antibiotics in livestock production.

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