ITALY – FoodChain ID Group, Inc., a provider of technology-enabled food safety, quality, and sustainability solutions for the food and agricultural industries, has purchased Cosmocert S.A., a Greek organic certification and inspection business offering nationally and internationally recognized certification standards.

“We are excited to partner with the Cosmocert team, one of the leading certifying bodies in Greece. The addition of Cosmocert will enhance the scope of our certification services for food and agricultural clients in the increasingly important Mediterranean region,” explained Dr. Chetan Parmar, FoodChain ID SVP of Technical Services Europe and Asia.

Cosmocert, based in Athens, Greece, was established in 2013 and has risen quickly to become one of the top certification providers in Greece thanks to its emphasis on integrity, customer service, and technological advancement.

The company currently serves over 7,500 customers offering certification services for the EU Organic, GLOBALG.A.P., VLOG, ISO 22000, and other standards.

As part of the expanding organic certification program offered by FoodChain ID’s Technical Services Europe and Asia division, Cosmocert will merge with Bioagricert.

“The acquisition is an ideal fit with FoodChain ID and Bioagricert’s services and capabilities. By supplementing the Cosmocert platform in Greece with Bioagricert’s other capabilities in sustainability, certification and inspections, we will enhance the experience of Cosmocert’s clients with expanded capabilities in IFS, BRCGS, USDA Organic and other standards,” explained Alessandro Lombardi, Bioagricert Managing Director.

With the EU organic market growth at 15.1%, FoodChain ID notes that Bioagricert’s organic certification services, now enhanced with further expertise, staff and auditing abilities, has responded to the demand for certification in the sustainability market.

“We are excited to join a global leader like FoodChain ID in food safety and organic certification, further accelerating our already impressive growth. This will lead to an exhilarating next chapter for Cosmocert and is a monumental moment for the history of our company.

“We are confident we found the right partners and couldn’t be more enthusiastic about what the future holds together with FoodChain ID and Bioagricert,” stated Kostas Diamantopoulos, CEO of Cosmocert.

TradeWindow partners with FoodChain ID

Meanwhile, in order to expand into the US and European markets, FoodChain ID is teaming up with NZX-listed tradetech systems provider TradeWindow.

FoodChain ID offers technology-enabled solutions for food quality, sustainability, and safety for the food and agricultural industries

According to the arrangement, FoodChain ID customers will have access to TradeWindow’s Assure+ product (formerly known as Rfider), an FDA-award winning supply chain traceability platform.

It will make food supply chains more compliant, safe, and transparent when used in conjunction with FoodChain ID’s platforms.

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