UGANDA – The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), the world’s leading body in coffee quality training and certification, has awarded Q Venue recognition to the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA).

The UCDA Coffee Laboratory is now internationally recognized as a center of excellence for coffee quality assessment and allows UCDA to offer Q Arabica and Q Robusta training, especially to the youth interested in building a career in the coffee industry.

“This milestone reaffirms our commitment to improving the quality of Uganda coffee, promoting value addition, and driving positive change in the coffee industry,” UCDA says in a statement.

The Q Venue provides a consistent, predictable learning environment where educators know that they will have the tools and space they need to deliver courses that maintain international standards.

It supports the certification of Q Arabica and Q Robusta graders who are highly specialized coffee professionals who can speak the same language as other professionals internationally regarding coffee quality.

They can differentiate specialty Arabica and Fine Robusta coffees that are sought in specialty markets thus fetching premium prices. These will be able to advise farmers on how to improve the quality of their coffees and benefit from these niche markets.

The Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) is a government agency established by an Act of Parliament – UCDA Act, 1991 – which was amended in 1994, Cap. 325, and repealed and replaced by the National Coffee Act No. 17 of 2021.

The role of UCDA is to provide an enabling environment for the millions of stakeholders along the coffee value chain to thrive. We have built long-lasting relationships with farmers.

UCDA’s achievement underscores its dedication to enhancing the quality of Uganda’s coffee, promoting value addition, and fostering positive transformation within the coffee industry.

By attaining Q Venue recognition, UCDA’s Coffee Laboratory joins a select group of internationally recognized locations that meet rigorous standards set by the Coffee Quality Institute.

The certification also enables UCDA to train Q Arabica and Q Robusta graders, specialized coffee professionals proficient in assessing and differentiating specialty Arabica and Fine Robusta coffees.

These professionals play a crucial role in the industry by facilitating the identification of high-quality coffees sought after in specialty markets, ultimately leading to premium prices for producers.

Additionally, they can offer valuable guidance to coffee farmers on improving the quality of their crops, enabling them to tap into niche markets and maximize returns.

This milestone aligns with the broader continental strategy as the African Union endorsed the G25 Kampala Declaration on coffee, officially designating coffee as a strategic crop for Africa

The Kampala Declaration, resulting from the G-25 Coffee Summit held in August last year, emphasized the imperative for African nations to assert control and dominance within the lucrative coffee industry.  

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni underscored the significance of coffee value addition, not only amplifying revenue but also creating increased employment opportunities within the sector. 

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