UGANDA – General Wilson Mbasu Mbadi, the Minister of State for Trade in Uganda, has reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to bolster the efforts of the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) in enhancing trade facilitation, improving the competitiveness of Ugandan products, and safeguarding consumers against substandard goods.

During his inaugural visit to the UNBS headquarters in Bweyogerere, General Mbadi reiterated his dedication to supporting UNBS activities aimed at ensuring the quality and safety of Ugandan products in both domestic and international markets.

In a briefing to the Minister, Mr. Daniel Richard Makayi Nangalama, the Acting Executive Director of UNBS, highlighted the challenges facing the standards body, citing inadequate budgetary allocations and manpower as significant hurdles impeding its ability to fulfill its mandate effectively.

Mr. Nangalama emphasized that UNBS is currently operating at less than 50% capacity due to insufficient financial resources and staffing levels. He pointed out the urgent need for a review of the funding model to ensure that resources are readily available to provide timely services to enterprises, thereby reducing delays and losses incurred by the business community.

In response, General Mbadi assured his support to address the pressing issues confronting UNBS, emphasizing its pivotal role in bolstering Uganda’s economic competitiveness and safeguarding consumer interests.

“UNBS plays a crucial role in certifying Ugandan products for national, regional, and global markets, while also ensuring the removal of substandard and harmful goods from circulation,” he stated.

He urged UNBS to crack down on unscrupulous individuals engaged in the adulteration of goods, citing concerns such as the mixing of cocoa with jackfruit seeds, which could adversely impact both market integrity and public health.

General Mbadi stressed the importance of UNBS’s mandate in safeguarding national security and fostering economic growth, emphasizing the indispensable role it plays in Uganda’s economic transformation.

General Mbadi pledged to advocate for adequate budgetary support for UNBS, emphasizing the critical need for resources to enable the organization to fulfill its mandate effectively.

He called upon UNBS staff to discharge their duties diligently and with integrity, instilling confidence among all stakeholders in the standards and quality assurance processes. He reaffirmed his commitment to working collaboratively with UNBS to ensure the continued progress and prosperity of Uganda’s trade sector.

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