UGANDA – The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has temporarily closed Senana Hypermarket along Buganda Road.

The closure comes on the heels of alleged violations pertaining to the sale of uninspected products, prompting a rigorous inspection of the hypermarket’s offerings.

The UNBS inspectors, executing a field visit, engaged in a dialogue with Senana Hypermarket’s management, aiming to address concerns regarding the sale of items that allegedly bypassed necessary inspections.

“UNBS made a field visit to Senana Hyper Market along Buganda Road on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, explained to the Hypermarket Management about their contravention of the law and temporarily sealed off the premises for inspection of the goods in question, to ascertain their quality,” said the Bureau in a statement.

Citing the UNBS Act Cap 327, which explicitly prohibits the sale of products not meeting compulsory Uganda standards, the closure underscores the stringent measures in place to safeguard public health.

Senana Hypermarket, a high-end establishment in Kampala, is accused of releasing a container from a bonded warehouse without the mandatory UNBS inspection and clearance.

“Ms. Senana Hypermarket exited container CMAU4408124 vide entry number C117121 comprising assorted hypermarket food & non-food items, from the bonded Warehouse W0078 (Multiple) WITHOUT UNBS clearance,” read the statement in part.

UNBS officials express understanding towards Senana’s proprietor, suggesting she might have been misled by her agent.

Nonetheless, the regulatory processes demand full compliance before goods are released into the market, raising questions about how the container left the bonded warehouse without proper clearance.

This apparent breach of the UNBS (Inspection & Clearance) Regulation 2022 has resulted in the hypermarket’s temporary closure until the inspection process is complete and compliance with Uganda’s standards is verified.

UNBS emphasizes that Senana Hypermarket is cooperating with the inspection process. The closure is not punitive but rather a precautionary measure to ensure that products on the shelves meet the compulsory Uganda standards.

Once the inspection concludes satisfactorily, the hypermarket will be allowed to resume its operations.

The closure of Senana Hypermarket aligns with UNBS’s ongoing efforts to uphold product standards and guarantee consumer safety in the marketplace.

The regulatory body, through the UNBS Act Cap 327, is resolute in enforcing standards to prevent the consumption of dangerous or sub-standard products.

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