USA – The U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA-FSIS) has officially incorporated bioMérieux’s GENE-UP CAMPYLOBACTER assay into the testing methodology used by its Field Service Laboratories.

This integration marks a significant advancement in the USDA’s efforts to ensure food safety and prevent foodborne illnesses.

Miguel Villa, Senior Vice President of Americas industrial applications at bioMérieux, expressed excitement over this development.

“We are thrilled to be awarded this contract by the USDA-FSIS. With the inclusion of GENE-UP CAMPYLOBACTER, bioMérieux now has the most FSIS methods of choice for microbiology than any other diagnostics provider,” Villa stated.

He emphasized that this achievement highlights the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation in the animal protein sector and the broader food industry.

“GENE-UP is now positioned as the comprehensive solution for all molecular testing needs in one place,” he added.

The GENE-UP CAMPYLOBACTER assay is the latest addition to bioMérieux’s suite of molecular diagnostic solutions that have received recognition from U.S. food safety regulatory bodies.

Earlier in the year, bioMérieux announced a research collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to enhance microbial detection of foodborne pathogens.

In 2022, the USDA selected bioMérieux’s GENE-UP QUANT Salmonella quantification method as the preferred method for all FSIS laboratories. Both GENE-UP QUANT Salmonella and TEMPO solutions are currently included in the USDA Microbiology Laboratory Guidebook (MLG).

Advancing food safety through innovative diagnostics

John Shultz, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for Industrial Applications at bioMérieux, highlighted the broader impact of the company’s diagnostic technologies.

“Our augmented diagnostics approach helps food industry leaders go beyond the test results and harness data, genomics, and diagnostic insights to solve the toughest problems,” Shultz explained.

He noted that the USDA’s recognition of GENE-UP CAMPYLOBACTER as the method of choice further solidifies bioMérieux’s role in advancing food safety science and protecting public health.

The adoption of GENE-UP CAMPYLOBACTER by the USDA-FSIS reflects bioMérieux’s dedication to providing robust diagnostic tools that enhance the detection and prevention of foodborne pathogens. This development is expected to significantly bolster the USDA’s capabilities in monitoring and ensuring the safety of the U.S. food supply.

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