NETHERLANDS – Versland Selection, a Dutch vegetable wholesaler which specializes in leafy vegetables and radishes has invested in Schiphorst Clever-Fresh-Box folding crate made of 100% recyclable polypropylene to meet its everyday fresh quality products distribution needs.

As Versland rotates its crates often, having their own proves more economical than renting, a factor which made it switch from pool crates to its own crate network two years back.

After testing several models, the Clever-Fresh-Box emerged as the best value for money attributed to its high carrying capacity, ease in folding and unfolding, light nature and convenience.

The company does sales for a group of about 120 vegetable growers majorly found in the Netherlands and Belgium with others in France, Spain, and Italy.

Versland Selection’s director, Ed Koelewijn, pointed out that the company’s strength lies in its delivery flexibility as half of the company’s vegetables go to processors while the other half finds its way to retailers, wholesalers, and exporters.

Each sales channel has its own fresh vegetable delivery requirements. Either for packaging (own crates, cardboard, pool crates, etc.) or the product itself. One customer may want the product only pre-rinsed; another wants it washed. One requires the product loose in the crate yet another needs it already packaged,

“Versland anticipates this and delivers what the client wants. The supplied products’ quality, however, remains a constant. Versland guarantees daily fresh, premium high-quality products,” explains Ed.

The wholesaler ensures it has a continual folding crate supply so they can dispense all these products problem-free and guarantee consistent quality.

According to Fresh plaza, these 350,000 crates are being circulated in all its distribution channels’ phases.

When folded, the Clever Fresh Box uses 83% less space which makes a significant difference in how much empty space the crates occupy when returned.

The Clever Fresh Box has a narrow-perforated base and sides that allows air circulation thus keeping the vegetables in the crate thoroughly cool.

These perforations are designed not to leave any marks on the products.

The crates have integrated label holders so labels can be easily attached to them hence eliminates the need for stickers sticky residue and also offer provisions for in-mold barcoding.

They are equipped with a patented lift-lock system that ensures the crates’ corners are securely locked when it’s unfolded.

The crates can be personalized to suite the company’s corporate identity, making it easy to distinguish the folding crates from each other.