VIETNAM – The Food Safety Management Board of Ho Chi Minh City has launched the Action Month for Food Safety in 2022 with the theme ‘Continuing to improve the roles and responsibilities of producers, traders, and consumers in consuming agricultural products’.

The action month takes place from April 15 to May 15 to reinforce information and communication on food safety-related issues, promote the production and business of agro-forestry-fishery products to ensure quality and safety.

In addition, it highlights the roles and responsibilities of organizations, individuals, and businesses in the enforcement of the law on food safety.

To oversee food safety control, the Vietnam Food Administration agency has been founded at the Ministry of Health.

In the month of action, responsible agencies will also step up the inspection, inspection, and supervision of food safety of agricultural, forestry and fishery products at food manufacturers, businesses, and advertising establishments.

During the month, the role of authorities at all levels, management agencies, social organizations and consumer supervision will be upheld for compliance with the law on food safety for individuals, production, and business establishments.

Alongside with this, the board will enhance supervision by paying visits to food manufacturers and businesses; what is more, it will check in major cities to reduce cases of food poisoning and substandard food which would have long-term consequences on people’s health.

Despite the yearly existence of a “Food Safety Month”, food safety still remains limited.

The system created to manage food quality and safety through the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and the Goods Manufacture Product (GMP) in food production, processing, handling and preservation, has been implemented only on a small scale. Food regulations have not yet been completed.

In addition to regular activities on food safety, “Action Month” in 2022 is also the highlight of the year, creating a peak season, launching a communication campaign in compliance with legal regulations.

On food safety in food production and trading activities, the sensitization also aims to minimize violations in food production and business, proactively prevent food contamination, minimize food poisoning, especially food poisoning cases where many people suffer from using unsafe food products.

For the campaign to be successful, the People’s Committees at all levels should focus on directing and allocating resources for food safety, and improve the efficiency of coordination between local authorities, functional agencies and socio-political organizations in the work of ensuring food safety.

They should also promote the sense of responsibility to the community of individuals, production and business organizations and consumers for the work of ensuring food safety.

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