TOKYO –  Shimadzu and the Haruko Takeyama Laboratory at Waseda University have unveiled a research hub to help in the identification of unknown compounds from nature, a task that holds the key to unlocking unprecedented advancements in functional foods and chemical products.

Nature, as it turns out, is a treasure trove of microorganisms and plants, each producing an array of unique compounds.

These compounds, with their diverse structures, have the potential to transform industries ranging from medicine to food production. However, the challenge lies in identifying and understanding these compounds swiftly.

Nestled within the Waseda University Research Innovation Center, the Waseda Shimadzu Collaboration Laboratory fuses Raman spectroscopy and mass spectrometry creating a powerful synergy to deliver results.

Raman spectroscopy is a technique that discerns molecular differences while  mass spectrometry determines molecular composition. This amalgamation of analytical prowess is poised to establish novel workflows, enabling the rapid identification of unknown natural compounds.

By drastically accelerating the screening process, the Collaboration Laboratory is on the cusp of propelling research and development into overdrive, paving the way for innovative pharmaceuticals, functional foods, and chemical products.

Power of collaboration and open innovation

This endeavor is not a solo flight; it epitomizes the spirit of collaboration. Since 2022, the Shimadzu Corporation and the Haruko Takeyama Laboratory have been fostering a symbiotic research relationship.

It builds upon the foundation laid in August 2020 when Shimadzu Corporation, in partnership with Waseda University and HORIBA, initiated the development of an LC-Raman measuring system, which hit the market in June 2021.

“Shimadzu Corporation will continue to protect the safety and health of people by fostering development in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and other life sciences through open innovation with a variety of companies and research institutions,” affirms Shimadzu.

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