Managing Food Fraud, Authenticity and Integrity in Africa’s Food Industry Webinar

Managing Food Fraud, Authenticity & Integrity in Africa's Food Industry, in Uncertain Times





ARNE DUEBECKE – Head of Global Center of Excellence for Food Fraud, Tentamus Group GmbH


HRABI NOUREDINE – Food Safety & Quality Consultant


TIME: 14.30 EAT | 13.30 CAT | 12.30 WAT | 11.30 GMT


The silent pandemic of unsafe food due to unscrupulous value chain actors that ends up on consumers’ table is one of the critical unknowns in the food industry in Africa.

Weak regulations and lack of capacity to enforce laws and test food products, constrained supply chains due to the Ukraine-Russia war and high food prices are some of the factors to worry about as Africa continues to grapple with the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Africa’s over reliance on food imports, worth over US$40 billion a year, add to the gloom and concerns about Africa’s capacity to manage vast amounts of food, local and imported, that end up on the consumers’ table everyday.

IFIS, a UK publishing organization reports that food fraud is estimated to cost the global food industry US$10-15 billion per year. While the potential estimated costs are hard to come by, but going by some estimates, 10-50% of foods in Africa are suspected to be fake or fraudulently sold to consumers.

In this webinar, you will learn from a number of industry experts, researchers, suppliers of technologies and government agencies, in a number of sessions on the following key issues:

a) Definition, scope and the types of food fraud – and why we should all join the war on fake food

b) A review of common food items likely to be impacted by food fraud

c) The impact of the current state of supply chain disruptions and high food prices on managing food fraud, authenticity and integrity in Africa and globally

d) The role of technology in testing and managing food fraud, authenticity and integrity in Africa’s food value chain

e) The role of and challenges faced by regulators and policy makers in managing and mitigating food fraud, authenticity and integrity in Africa

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