Welcome to Africa’s Most Influential Food Safety, Quality & Compliance Webinars

Food safety, quality and compliance challenges are some of the key bottle-necks to Africa’s ambition to feed its growing population, which is projected to double to more than 2.5 billion by 2050.

These challenges have also continued to directly affect the Continent’s population, with food poisoning and deaths from food continuing to rise, while local, regional and international trade are hampered by poor quality and unsafe agricultural produce and manufactured food products.

Food Safety Africa Connect are a series of webinars that are organised by FW Africa to provide the platform to bring together the key stakeholders from Africa and beyond to seek solutions to the Continent’s food safety, quality and compliance challenges. 

The webinars are attended by key decision makers across the value chain such as food manufacturers, government officials, suppliers of new technologies, traders and distributors, academicians and researchers and many more.


The following webinars are slated to be held over the next few months. We shall inform you of the other scheduled webinars in due course . . .