The Food Safety Africa Webinars is the virtual resource platform for deep learning, wide engagement and networking and discovery opportunity on the latest technologies, market trends and ideas that can change you and your business

Held every 2-3 months, the Webinars cover the following aspects:

  1. Fundamentals of food safety, quality and compliance, including PRPs
  2. Latest science and technology innovations that boost food safety, quality and compliance
  3. Food processing, packaging and storage technologies
  4. Latest microbial, physical and chemical testing protocols and technologies that boost food safety, quality and compliance; reduce risks and increase efficiency
  5. Novel technologies such as block chain, machine learning and Internet of Things and their impact of food safety & quality
  6. Food Fraud, Authenticity, Integrity & Traceability
  7. Food Safety & Quality in various sectors of the agriculture and food industry
  8. Compliance, Certification, Standardisation and Accreditation
  9. Topical Issues in Food Safety such as Food Safety Culture, Communication, Role of Partnerships etc
  10. And many more

The Food Safety Africa Webinars provide suppliers of new technologies, regulators and other stakeholders to utilise our reach, our networks with the industry players and our deep knowledge of the agriculture, food, retail and HORECA industry in Africa to help the key stakeholders in Africa and beyond to discover new technologies and practices that boost food safety across Africa

Talk to us about some of the upcoming Webinars and how your organisation can participate:

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