GLOBAL – The World Health Organization (WHO) is extending an open invitation to experts who can play a pivotal role in advancing the comprehension of foodborne diseases.

If you’re passionate about food safety, statistics, hygiene, and environmental health, this is your opportunity to contribute to a groundbreaking structured expert judgement study.

WHO is embarking on a mission to estimate the global burden of foodborne diseases and needs your expertise to make it happen.

Foodborne illnesses are a significant public health concern, affecting 600 million people worldwide each year with 420,000 deaths according to WHO. Understanding the scope and impact of these diseases is crucial for developing effective prevention and control strategies.

By participating in this study, you’ll join a select group of subject matter experts in a systematic process of eliciting scientific judgment. This is not just another research project; it’s a chance to shape the world’s understanding of foodborne illnesses.

Experts selected to participate in this study will play a critical role in providing valuable insights and data-driven assessments.

The structured expert judgment approach ensures that the study benefits from a diverse range of expertise, including food safety, epidemiology, public health, microbiology, and more.

The study aims to produce well-rounded and reliable estimates by bringing together professionals with various backgrounds,

The process involves a thorough review of a background document, one-on-one interviews, and questionnaire responses. These steps are designed to collect expert opinions and judgments systematically, ensuring that the study’s findings are robust and credible.

Contributions will help inform WHO’s global burden estimates for foodborne diseases, a critical undertaking expected to be published by 2025.

Your expertise matters, and WHO acknowledges your invaluable role by crediting your name in related publications.

If you have an advanced degree in fields like food science, public health, microbiology, or epidemiology, along with three years of professional experience, and a grasp of statistics, your insights can help save lives and shape policies.

Don’t miss this chance to make a real-world impact.

Apply now through the form on WHO’s website, and become a driving force in the global fight against foodborne diseases. Together, we can build a safer, healthier world.

Remember, the world needs experts like you to ensure that food is a source of nourishment, not harm. The WHO’s call awaits your response, so join them in this vital endeavor today.

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