ISRAEL – Wiliot, the pioneering force behind the ambient IoT Visibility Platform, has unleashed an innovation that allows for the real-time sensing and analysis of humidity levels in individual products throughout their entire journey across the supply chain.

This addition to their Visibility Platform complements existing features like temperature, location, and carbon emissions sensing.

Wiliot’s foray into humidity sensing marks a transformative moment in supply chain visibility. By enabling continuous monitoring at the product level, Wiliot has taken a giant leap beyond existing traceability technologies.

This leap promises to not only enhance product quality but also champion sustainability and responsible resource management.

“This is a game-changing technology achievement for supply chain visibility. By adding humidity sensing to the Wiliot Visibility Platform, we are transforming the handling of products we all consume and depend on. 

“Now companies can deliver impeccable quality to their customers while promoting sustainability and responsible resource utilization,” said Wiliot VP of Data Products & Algorithms, Thaddeus Segura.

The company’s Visibility Platform acts as a bridge between the physical and digital realms, facilitated by the Wiliot Cloud and Wiliot IoT Pixels.

These cost-effective, self-powered, postage stamp-sized compute devices are affixed to products and packaging. Through standard Bluetooth devices, IoT Pixels autonomously transmit crucial data to the Wiliot Cloud, simultaneously reducing operational costs, errors, waste, and inefficiencies.

The real magic lies in the tiny membrane introduced to the IoT Pixels by Wiliot’s engineers. This membrane can detect humidity levels in the air, and as conditions change, it wirelessly transmits this information to the Wiliot Cloud.

There, it’s harmonized with temperature and location data to provide invaluable insights and real-time alerts for supply chain optimization.

Tailored solutions for diverse industries

From agriculture to pharmaceuticals, different products have distinct humidity handling requirements.

Wiliot’s Visibility Platform ensures compliance across the entire supply chain spectrum, reaping substantial rewards for companies and consumers alike. Fresh produce lasts longer, reducing waste; medicines remain safe under precise conditions, and vaccines continue to deliver optimal health benefits.

Ambient IoT represents an evolution of traditional IoT and RFID technologies, offering lower costs, end-to-end privacy, security, and the incorporation of new intelligence and sensing capabilities.

With telecommunications standards such as Bluetooth, 5G Advanced, and 802.11 AMP, it is on a trajectory to scale to trillions of connected devices.

Wiliot is currently working with many of the world’s largest companies across retail, logistics, apparel, CPG, and pharmaceuticals on a variety of ambient IoT projects.

“Wiliot, and the ambient IoT, are changing the way the world operates – helping businesses transition to fully automated, completely transparent, and increasingly sustainable supply chains,” concluded Segura.

“Now, with humidity sensing added to our platform, we’re establishing a new baseline for product freshness, quality, and safety – which will pay significant dividends for businesses and consumers alike.”

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