ISRAEL – Wiliot, an ambient Internet of Things (IoT) developer, has announced a groundbreaking food safety initiative aimed at creating fully transparent and traceable supply chains.

This initiative aligns with the upcoming FSMA 204 compliance requirements and leverages ambient IoT technology to enhance food safety and operational efficiency.

Ambient IoT is a battery-free wireless technology that integrates with multiple standards, including Bluetooth, 5G Advanced, 6G, and Wi-Fi. As Wiliot states, this innovation enables food products to be connected to the internet and AI-driven analytics at a fraction of the cost compared to legacy technologies.

The adoption of ambient IoT facilitates a new real-time inventory system that not only enhances food safety and FSMA compliance but also improves store operations. This technology helps retailers compete on quality and value while thriving amidst omni-channel competition.

Enhancing supply chain transparency

As part of this initiative, Wiliot is partnering with iFoodDS and Trustwell to integrate ambient IoT data into their safety and compliance platforms. These collaborations aim to move the food industry beyond traditional methods such as QR codes and electronic documentation towards a real-time, data-driven traceability system.

“Empowered by the unprecedented capabilities of the ambient IoT, the entire food industry can move beyond QR codes, advance shipping notices and electronic documentation to a new traceability paradigm that is infinitely faster, entirely real-time and drastically reduces the cost of manual labor and technology infrastructure,” said Wiliot CMO Steve Statler.

Trustwell, known for its mission to increase supply chain transparency, sees significant potential in incorporating Wiliot’s technology into its platform.

“The incorporation of Wiliot’s ambient IoT data into our Trustwell Connect Platform will empower brands to have visibility across the supply chain with a trusted single source of truth, fully traceable, compliant and data-driven,” said Julie McGill, Vice President of Supply Chain Strategy and Insights at Trustwell.

iFoodDS, which focuses on delivering traceable, high-quality products, also recognizes the advantages of this technology.

“The food industry can leverage this framework in conjunction with Wiliot’s Ambient IoT technology and iFoodDS software to significantly enhance food safety, food freshness and operational efficiency,” stated Andrew Kennedy, Principal Traceability Advisor at iFoodDS.

Modernizing food safety

Modernizing food safety is crucial for public health. The CDC estimates that one in six Americans suffer from foodborne illnesses annually, resulting in 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths.

In response, the FDA finalized its FSMA Rule 204 in November 2022, establishing comprehensive traceability requirements to improve the response to foodborne illnesses and other safety issues.

“This goal of better protecting consumers cannot be achieved without creating greater transparency and traceability throughout the entire chain of food production distribution system,” said Frank Yiannas, former Deputy Commissioner of the FDA and Strategic Advisor to Wiliot.

Wiliot enlisted the expertise of Frank Yiannas last year to guide the market on adopting ambient IoT.

Implementation and future prospects

Wiliot’s battery-free ambient IoT Pixels can attach to any food product or packaging, connecting it to the internet and providing real-time data on location, temperature, carbon footprint, and more. This data is crucial for FSMA Rule 204 compliance and enhances the overall food safety infrastructure.

Wiliot, iFoodDS, and Trustwell are already conducting FSMA 204 compliance pilot projects with major food companies. These efforts are set to expand throughout 2024, ahead of the January 2026 compliance deadline.

By integrating ambient IoT technology, Wiliot and its partners aim to set a new standard for food safety, ensuring greater transparency and efficiency across the supply chain.

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