UK – In a night of celebration and recognition, the inaugural Apples Awards 2023 hosted by New Food brought together the finest innovators in the food industry at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in Kensington, London.

Among the luminaries honored were Fresh Check, Akansha Prasad, Shadman Khan, the Food Authenticity Network at LGC, and Liljia Polo Richards, each contributing significantly to the advancement of food safety, innovation, and inclusivity.

Pioneers of rapid food safety

Fresh Check, a company employing unique biochemistry to detect bacterial and food debris contamination, was crowned the “Innovator of the Year.”

Their rapid testing technology, capable of identifying bacteria-contaminated surfaces at remarkable speeds, earned them this prestigious title.

Fresh Check’s CEO, Alex Bond, expressed gratitude for the collective efforts of their team and the broader food and beverage community, emphasizing their commitment to driving advancements in food safety and innovation.

“We are so delighted to have won New Food’s Innovator of the Year award. The award affirms our commitment to providing rapid, reliable testing solutions and we pledge to continue driving advancements in food safety,” he said.

Leaders in contamination detection

The “Food Scientist of the Year” award, sponsored by Syngenta, was bestowed upon Akansha Prasad and Shadman Khan.

Their study led to the development of packaging that can indicate Salmonella contamination, a significant leap in ensuring the safety of food products. Their innovative approach and dedication to improving food safety standards were duly acknowledged.

Champions of lab excellence

The prestigious “Lab of the Year” award, sponsored by Nemis, was awarded to the Food Authenticity Network at LGC.

This UK-based lab, renowned for supporting the Food Authenticity Network, played a vital role in ensuring the safety of the food supply and combating fraudulent practices.

Their impactful work, especially during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighted their commitment to excellence.

Food Defender of the Year

The title of “Food Defender of the Year,” sponsored by Intertek Alchemy, was earned by Liljia Polo Richards, Founder and CEO of Allergy Companions.

Richards’ innovative tools empower individuals with food hypersensitivity, offering them a platform to find trusted eating venues.

Her work not only helps the allergy community dine out with confidence but also fosters positive transformation within the hospitality sector.

Richards’ dedication to changing perceptions and creating a safer dining environment was met with widespread acclaim.

“It’s amazing to be recognised for the work I do in the food allergy space and I am so excited to be involved in some exciting projects,” she said.

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